CS: GO: Team Liquid vs MIBR Betting Predictions and Odds

CS: GO: Team Liquid vs MIBR Betting Predictions and Odds

CS: GO: Team Liquid vs MIBR Betting Predictions and Odds

Does Liquid win the 5th duel with MIBR in a row?

At the beginning of ESL One: Road to Rio there is a high-class match for which we would like to offer you a betting tip forecast in the usual form. Team Liquid meets MIBR in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive and here you get all betting-relevant statistics and numbers so that you can make the optimal prediction. Liquid won the ESL Pro League in North America and is also the favorite to qualify for Rio. MIBR finished fourth and second at the slightly weaker Flashpoint in this tournament. Liquid has won the last 3 matches, MIBR 3 the youngest 4. The Americans won the last 4 encounters with the Basilians.

Will Liquid win against MIBR for the 4th time in a row?

Team Liquid comes to ESL One Road to Rio with great confidence, as the Americans recently won the highly endowed ESL Pro League in North America. The clan around Captain Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella defeated the compatriots of Evil Genuises in the endgame without losing the map. The winning cards were Dust2 and Vertigo. The world rankings-6. won the last 3 games, while Liquid won the last 6 maps. In the last 3 months you can see a win rate of 60.0%. The last 7 matches resulted in 5 victories and 2 losses. The Americans are also favorites for the qualification for Rio. In a duel with MIBR, the odds for the favorites win are only around 1.25. The Americans were able to win the last 4 encounters and now want their 5th consecutive duel.

Team Liquid’s first pick is currently Inferno, where you could win 60% of the last 5 games. The First Ban is 100% train, which means that no matches have taken place recently. Nuke is currently the most successful map with a win rate of 75% from the last 4 games. Dust2 is currently the only card on which you are below 50% with 37.5% successes from 8 games – which is also the most used card. Liquid is currently at a K / D ratio of 1.03. The team plays an average of 28.03 rounds per card to decide. In the victories you give an average of many 12.00 laps, in the losses you can get 10.64 laps. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski is currently the outstanding player at Team Liquid with a K / D ratio of 1.16 and a odds 1.19. 3 of the 5 players from the current line-up are positive.

Can MIBR win against Liquid again after 11 months?

MIBR was used at two events before the Road to Rio. The team around the Brazilian captain Gabriel “TrapN” Toledo finished fourth in the ESL Pro League and second at Flashpoint. “Made in Brasil” had to defeat MAD Lions 1-2 in the final. The world rankings-15. had to hand over the card to Mirage after a close half-time lead, but was then able to get Inferno. The decision fell on Train, with the South Americans leading 12: 3 and then losing 13:16. This was the first loss after 3 successive successes. Before that you had to give up 0-2 in the ESL playoffs per league, so that you finished fourth. MIBR won victories in defeats from the last matches. The Brazilians can currently point to a win rate of 54.5% in the past 3 months. Now, at betting odds above 3.50, they want their first duel win against Liquid at ECS North America since May 2019.

MIBR picks Train as the first card, where 56% of the last 9 games could be won. However, Liquid will remove this map first. So we will most likely not see this map. Made in Brasil has another successful card in its pocket: Dust2 won the last 5 matches. The Frist Ban of the South Americans is Nuke, Liquid’s most successful card. The highest win rate is at 66.7% on Overpass, the lowest at 33.3% on Nuke. Most are currently played on Inferno with a win rate of 54.5% from 11 games. MIBR currently has a K / D ratio of 1.01 – a little less than the next opponent – and plays an average of 26.23 rounds per card. In the victories you give 9.93 rounds, in the defeats you get an average of 9.88 rounds. Fernando “fer” Alvarenga is currently the most successful of the Brazilians with a K / D ratio of 1.09 and a odds 1.12.

Key points for Team Liquid vs MIBR

Team Liquid

  • Winner of the ESL Pro League
  • 3 wins in a row
  • 60% win rate
  • K / D ratio from 1.03
  • 4 duels in series


  • Second of the Flashpoint
  • 3 wins from 4 games
  • Win rate of 55%
  • 1.01 K / D ratio
  • 4 wins in a row on Dust2

Team Liquid vs MIBR Betting Predictions and Odds

We see smooth 2-0 win for Liquid. Played less than 26.5 rounds on the 1st card, there is no overtime. Our betting tip recommendation for the system bet: Team Liquid!

Betting Prediction: Team Liquid
Odds: 1.25
Betting Prediction: MIBR
Odds: 3.50

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