Dijon vs Chalon Reims


Two teams that I believe will have different perspectives for this year.

Dijon has been affected in the past two years by huge problems basketball extra that has led them to lower their income at various levels but which I believe are slightly outdated.

The reinforcements of the teams are of some quality, especially with some experience at this level but more importantly have a “wide” squad something that has not happened recently.

On the side of Chalon Reims we have a team that suffered until the last journey not to descend from division last year.

It is a set that actually have few references but seeing their record as the second worst team is last season to play away from home I think they will have many difficulties in this match against an improved set.
Prognosis Dijon vs Chalon Reims:

I go with this line of points because the French League is not usually of very high rows of points and 158 points seems to me exaggerated.

Dijon has yet to assimilate his pieces and Chalon I think he will have a hard time passing 75 points in this game.

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