Dortmund vs Real Madrid


This year they are playing good football and they can certainly be one of the teams to get the title in the Bundesliga, especially if they take advantage of this bad phase of Bayern in which it has not yet stabilized.

Dortmund are a team that scores a lot of goals, Aubemayang is in great shape, Philipp himself and then Gotze, Yarmolenko and company are players who give great dynamic offensive to this Dortmund.

In the Champions League debut, Dortmund lost 3-1 in London to Tottenham and was a false entry by the Germans who are in a very complicated group with Real Madrid still. 2 seats only for 3 large teams.

Real Madrid

The Madrilenians are the bi champions of this competition, made unprecedented achieved by Real Madrid de Zidane. Things this year have started very well with the achievements of the European Super Cup against Manchester United and Supercup of Spain against Barcelona.

Then things went a little farther as the team lost points with Valencia, Levante and Betis at home, with the latter coming out even defeated and already with Cristiano Ronaldo in the team that returned after punishment.

In the Champions League they started at home with Apoel and won 3-0 in a game in which Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo was the figure of the match. An important game for Real Madrid after this surprising result against the Betis in which they were defeated.
Prognosis Dortmund vs Real Madrid:


It’s going to be a very open game for sure. Both teams have very strong attacks and will surely outperform their opponents.

Dortmund with a defeat in London knows they can not miss this match and Real Madrid are on fire after a 1-0 defeat at home to Betis and as a champion team, it is expected to come back in a great game and on the big stage.

The game itself should be very interesting with many chances and chances of scoring and I expect 3 or more goals here.

Both teams must score and when you have Aubemayang, Cristiano Ronaldo and company, it is expected that the great stars will appear and help solve for their teams.

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