Germany vs Dominican Republic Basketball Betting Tips & Predictions 03/09/2019

Germany vs Dominican Republic

Competition: World Championships Grp. G

Date: 03.09.2019

Betting Tips DomRep +18.5

Odds: 1,90

Stake: 6/10 units

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Four points for a Hallelujah! What would sound great in football was at the 2019 World Cup in China, the catastrophic yield of the German team in the first quarter against the French. With 4:16 they lost that and were also partly behind with more than 20 points behind.

Germany vs Dominican Republic Basketball Betting Tips & Predictions

It was in the end but still a little narrower, because the men to NBA star Dennis Schröder made a catch-up, but the burden of the sleeper start finally weighed down too heavy. So the DBB team is already under great pressure and can afford no further defeat in the preliminary round.
It should also be enough for two victories against the Dominican Republic and against Jordan, but both teams can not be taken lightly. That’s what the Chinese were doing in preparation and were promptly shot out of the lobby by the fast-moving Central Americans.

DBB coach Henrik Rödl should definitely be in favor of the second half against the French, who eventually won Germany 54:42. The other way around was the DomRep, who started fast and in the end had to shiver again against Jordan. They lost the second half namely 33:40.

A good start would be very important for Schröder, Kleber and Co. We assume that they have learned from the first game and will win the game easily at the end. Whether the lead over the competition, however, will exceed 20 points, is doubtful. In Germany vs. Dominican Republic is a tip on the underdog +18.5 to odds around 1.90 therefore the better option.

Germany vs Dominican Republic
Germany – Statistics & Current Form

It was not meant to be against the French – and it was primarily the miserable start that the DBB team put down on Sunday. Four points in the first quarter are a bit embarrassing for a team with the class. Sure, the French played an excellent defense, but Henrik Rödl has to wonder a bit if the tactic was right at the beginning.

The first seven minutes of the game they remained completely without a point, what a German team has not happened for decades. Here, the basket should have been attacked a bit more aggressively, at least once to come for free throws.

They will certainly have learned this lesson, and it will also be much easier to score under the board against the relatively small DomRep players. Only one player of the upcoming opponent measures over 2.05 meters. This advantage should be exploited early in the game.

The performances of Johannes Voigtmann and Dennis Schröder, who were the top scorer of the team with 25 and 23 points, respectively, were also positive in the match against France. Above all, the strong performance of Voigtmann under contract with CSKA Moscow gives hope that he will be able to assume a lot of responsibility for the remainder of the tournament as well.

Of course, the game against France was a setback for the German team, but right after the final siren all players looked forward and did not want to put their heads in the sand. The second half should also give them a good feeling.

With the Dominican Republic and Jordan, two games are at the door, in which all players can get confidence, which would be extremely important for Paul Zipser and Daniel Theis. Although we expect a win, but in the end they could also take some of the pace out, so we assume that there is no complete blowout.

The World Cup squad of Germany:
↳ Lo, Giffey, Voigtmann, Akpinar, Theis, Benzing, Schröder, Zipser, Barthel, Kleber, Thiemann, Obst
↳ Trainer: Rödl

Last matches of Germany:

🏀 01.09.2019 – France vs. Germany 78:74 (Basketball World Cup)
🏀 28.08.2019 – Germany vs Australia 74:64 (Friendly Match)
🏀 24.08.2019 – Japan vs. Japan 86:83 (Friendly Match)
🏀 23.08.2019 – Germany vs Tunisia 89:70 (Friendly Match)
🏀 18.08.2019 – Germany vs Poland 92:84 (Friendly Match)

Germany vs Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – Statistics & Current Form

The players of the Dominican Republic are scattered throughout the globe and only two players of the team still play in the DomRep. Your most famous player is Sadiel Rojas, who is at least in the ACB, Spain’s highest division on the way.

The fact that the team is not to be underestimated, they not only showed on matchday 1 of the Basketball World Cup, when they defeated Jordan with 80:76, ​​but also in the preparation, when it gave China a fairly clear victory with 15 points ahead.

Especially the athleticism in the team is very strong and because the German team could get quite problems, they should not succeed to let the ball run fast. Because the speed is one of the major strengths of the Central Americans.

Although the size actually speaks for the DBB team in this comparison. Only one of the players of the DomRep misses over 2.05 meters and Eloy Vargas, who earns his money in Venezuela. In comparison, the German team has six players who are bigger. So it would not be surprising if the rebound dominance lies with the DBB team.

In general, the team of the Dominican Republic is very difficult to assess, as they sometimes perform very well, on weak days but sometimes get a high swat. However, we do not see the Dominican Republic as bad as the bookies put it, and a defeat with less than 19 points difference should already be there. Accordingly, in Germany – Dominican Republic, a prediction of odds around 1.90 on DomRep +18.5 interesting.

The World Cup squad of the Dominican Republic:
↳ Pena, Mendoza, Liz, Rojas, Suero, Vargas, Baez, Ramon, Solano, Roberts, Garcia, Montero
↳ Coach: Lopez

Last matches of Dominican Republic:

🏀 01.09.2019 – Dominican Republic Vs. Jordan 80:76 (Basketball World Cup)
🏀 26.08.2019 – Dominican Republic Vs. Greece 75:87 (Friendly Match)
🏀 25.08.2019 – Dominican Republic Vs. China 87:72 (Friendly Match)
🏀 22.08.2019 – Dominican Republic Vs. Spain 70: 102 (friendly)

Germany vs Dominican Republic Direct Comparison

Zero recorded international matches have so far been between the German team and the Dominican Republic, which makes a direct comparison impossible. That could also be a small problem for DBB coach Henrik Rödl, because he should know the players of the upcoming opponent as little as most fans.

There will probably have to serve a TV record of the game of the Central Americans against Jordan, in which then some weaknesses of the small-growth players of DomRep will be obvious. Nevertheless, we do not consider the odds against Germany to be the most attractive in Germany against the Dominican Republic to bet on the DBB team.

Germany vs Dominican Republic Our Best Basketball Betting Prediction

The bookmakers see the Dominican Republic as a total outsider. There is no odds on Team Germany that goes above 1.04, which is why even simple victory bets on the German team bring no value. For betting on the team with a big handicap, we lack a little confidence in their consistency.

That is why in Germany against Dominican Republic is a tip on the DomRep with a handicap of 18.5 points, the option that brings the most value.

Key Facts – Germany vs Dominican Republic tips

⛹🏽‍♂️ In preparation, the Dom. After all, to conquer the Republic of China.
⛹🏽‍♂️ Germany has won six out of seven games in preparation.
⛹🏽‍♂️ The two teams have never played against each other in official competitions.

Both the match of the Germans against the French and the Dominican Republic against the Jordanians remained under 158 total points.


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