Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Basketball Tips 17/05/2019

That was a quieter game for the Warriors at the opening of the Conference Finals against the Portland Trail Blazers. After the exhausting series against the Houston Rockets, the Blazers seem to be a little too weak to seriously annoy the reigning champion. At least that’s what it seemed in Game 1, where the dubs even had to do without Kevin Durant. He will probably miss the second duel on Thursday and so the Warriors will do a hell of a risk to risk a more serious injury. Against Portland it should also be enough without him, as long as the Splash Brothers as trumpet as in Game 1. They came together on strong 62 points and led the dubs almost single-handedly to success.

Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Basketball Tips

The Blazers, however, have noted that two days ago they had to deal with a game 7 in Denver and thus less recovery break in contrast to the Warriors. Especially McCollum and Lillard were anything but fresh and both did not get past the 20-point mark. 36.1% from the field and 25.0% from downtown – these were already odds that had nothing to do with the Blazers of the previous series. We are curious if they will get the turn again or if it will eventually be a pretty one-sided series in favor of the champion. If all goes well for Golden State, then the Bucks and the Raptors battling back over seven games in the East and the dubs already have a huge advantage in the finals. We’re not there yet, but at Warriors Vs. Trail Blazers is a must on Golden State for both Game 2 and Series essential. However, as the bookies also see this and give them almost a double-digit handicap on the way, we also recommend this series again under-betting.

Golden State Warriors – Statistics & Current Form

The Dubs without Kevin Durant – is that possible? Yes, and how. Not only in Game 6 against the Rockets the champion had to renounce his star, but also in Game 1 of the Conference Finals against the Trail Blazers. But it would not be the Warriors, if there were not other players in the breach and who offers itself of course: the Splash Brothers Curry and Thompson. With a total of twelve turned-three, they did Portland the way they had done many teams in the last few years, and since they also got good support from the bank, they did not burn anything in the end. On the contrary, after being only six points ahead after three quarters, they demonstrated their entire class in the final section of the game and also won the match with 39:23.

In addition to the Splash Brothers, it was above all the players from the second row who were able to stage on Tuesday. The bankers of the dubs scored a total of 36 points, of which Jerebko with nine and Cook with eight still stand out. But also Looney, McKinney, Livingston, Bell and Jones could register in the scoring list, with 12 of the 13 players used in the end could score. This is unusual and shows again that the dubs are more than just their top stars of the Starting Five. This is often forgotten when it comes to the achievements of the franchise from Oakland, and therefore would probably make them a departure from Durant in the summer not quite as much as the media prophesy. If it is enough for the Rockets and the Blazers, then they should not get the biggest problems in the future. For Game 2, it should look good for Golden State as well, although Durant will still be missing. We also do not expect that they can land a blowout success again, because as weak as on Tuesday Lillard and Co. will not occur again. Since the lead in the victory is therefore not quite clear, we would use the odds at Warriors vs Blazers on under-points, as so often in this year’s playoffs.

Last results of Golden State Warriors:

🏀 14.05.2019 – Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers 116: 194 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 10.05.2019 – Houston Rockets Vs. Golden State Warriors 113: 118 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 08.05.2019 – Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets 104: 99 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 06.05.2019 – Houston Rockets Vs. Golden State Warriors 112: 108 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 04.05.2019 – Houston Rockets Vs. Golden State Warriors 126: 121 (NBA playoffs)

Portland Trail Blazers – Statistics & Current Form

The Blazers had to pay tribute in Game 1. For the hard game 7 at the Nuggets on Sunday and for the arduous journey from the high Denver into the sea level Oakland. Of course, these were not the best conditions for a conference final match, and then that for the reigning champion. But at least they kept up a long time and went with only six points behind in the final section. But then it was time to fight back and the Blazers had to give in the end beaten very clearly. Will things be similar in Game 2 on Thursday? That’s not completely ruled out, as are the two days break now not what it would need after such a long season. But it’s playoff time and they have to clench their teeth one last time.

But what must the Blazers do to have a real chance in Game 2? First of all, they must increase their hit rate again significantly. 36.1% from the field and 25.0% from the triple line are underground values. In the end, it did not help anymore that they were able to secure strong 16 offensive rebounds, which is a really good number. Their odds on the free throws were also correct, which would have already addressed the two positive points. Another negative aspect was the 21 ball losses they made over the game. This was certainly also a bit of fatigue and the resulting lack of concentration due. So on this point they should be able to improve for Thursday. In our view, however, everything will stand or fall with its quota from the outside. That was already the case in the series against OKC and the Nuggets could crack it that way. If you meet over 40% here, then you have a chance; at below 35%, we consider the venture to be hopeless.

Last results from Portland Trail Blazers:

🏀 14.05.2019 – Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers 116: 194 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 11/05/2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers 96: 100 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 May 9, 2014 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets 119: 108 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 07/05/2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves 124: 98 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 05/05/2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets 112: 116 (NBA playoffs)

Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers – Head to Head Statistics

The Blazers were one of the very few teams that could win twice in the regular season against the Warriors, which should make them actually for the Conference Finals courage. Even an away win at Oakland was down at the end of December, with the dubs sure to be in a different shape than they are now. In addition, Golden State is a team that can always improve punctually to the playoffs. The absence of Kevin Durants could turn into a factor in the end, but only if Curry or Thompson get a black day. Are the two back on fire, then at Golden State Vs. Portland a tip on the home team a safe matter. About the height then decide on little things, which is why the game is also difficult to bet – at least as far as winning bets.

Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers Our Basketball Tips

The Warriors are the big favorites, making them bets on the Vabanque game. Therefore, we prefer to choose under-bets again, where the odds are still fairly bearable at Warriors vs Trail Blazers.

Key Facts – Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trail Blazers tips

⛹🏽‍♂️ The Warriors won 4-2 in Round 2 against Houston Rockets
⛹🏽‍♂️ The Trail Blazers prevailed in a seventh game against the Nuggets
⛹🏽‍♂️ With 38.4%, the Warriors in the playoffs have the best 3-way quota of all teams

Of course, other betting options are also available for the game. In the absence of Durant, Curry and Thompson will again be challenged, although we would rather count on many points from Klay Thompson for Game 2 and also bet on it.

Betting Tips: Under 215.5
Odds: 2.10

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