Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Basketball Betting Tips 08/06/2019

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Basketball Betting Tips

It’s starting something in the NBA. Are the Toronto Raptors actually getting the title against the Golden State Supernatural? Right now, there are some signs of that after the Canadians took the lead 2-1 on Wednesday. They won the game in Oakland not somehow, but from the start and ultimately never endangered. The Raptors were able to win all four quarters, which means that they have now won eleven of the twelve quarters played so far. That is already a superiority, which one could not expect, but which is also due to the injury woes of the Dubs. In match 3 on Wednesday missed alongside Kevin Durant also Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney. This put the bankers Shaun Livingston and Andre Igoudala in the first link and so they had hardly any Firepowe on the bench. Accordingly, superstar Steph Curry had to carry the offense almost single-handedly, which he achieved very well with 47 points.

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Basketball Betting Tips

However, this one-man show was not enough for success, because on the other hand, the Raptors did what is normally the dub’s strength: playing team basketball. Six players scored two digits and in the end they came up with a proud 30 assists. With that, Toronto beat the champion with his weapons and if Durant and Thompson should miss another game, then it could be very close for Golden State. However, we strongly expect that at least Thompson on Friday is back on board and thus the Splash Brothers are reunited. Whether it is sufficient for KD again, however, remains questionable. Excluded, however, is definitely the use of Kevon Looney, who broke a rib approach in Game 2 and will most likely miss the rest of the series.

Nevertheless, we have the reigning champion but on the screen, because battered boxers are known to be the most dangerous, as it was observed at the weekend and Andy Ruiz. In addition, the Warriors play another game at home in the ORACLE Arena, which should not be underestimated. That’s why at Warriors Vs. Raptors a tip on Golden State the option still more promising for us.

Golden State Warriors – Statistics & Current Form

The Warriors must bite properly. First and foremost, of course, Steph Curry, who after his 47 points performance in Game 3, seemed drained like a roll at 40 degrees in the shade. Almost all the load lay on his shoulders after the failures of Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney, which further supplemented the injury list. However, slightly positive news came from Kevin Durant, who assumes that he will be on board again by Game 5 at the latest. Until then, the dubs have to fight and see that they do not travel with a 1: 3 deficit to Toronto, because then the Raptors would have three match points in a row. The bookmakers have now adjusted the odds to a serial victory. In other words: For a title of the Warriors you get back as much money as you would for a bet on the Raptors. Should it become clear in the next few hours and days that Thompson and Durant are returning to the lineup very quickly, betting on Golden State would be worth considering. However, if they continue to fall, even for Game 4, then it does not mean anything at NBA Finals 2019 bets on Toronto.

It must be spoken in this series without end over the staff, because the second guard of the Warriors just does not sit as well as it did a year or two ago. DeMarcus Cousins ​​is far from 100% after his long injury break, Livingston is getting older and Andrew Bogut is Andrew Bogut. With this lineup they will not beat the Raptors in the upcoming games. In this respect, the bill is simple: If Durant fails the complete series, then we see the Raptors clearly ahead in the final bill. Game 4 is the same with Klay Thompson. That’s why we recommend keeping an eye on the daily press.

At Warriors vs Raptors our tip on the dubs is only then, should Thompson be able to participate again. Because then the spacing in the team would be right again and cousins ​​and Bogut would come into their own in the zone better. Without Thompson, everything would collapse again, as on Wednesday. For Warriors vs Raptors a tip on the GSW is therefore possible, but only if Thompson should be fit.

Last results of the Golden State Warriors:

🏀 05.06.2019 – Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors 109: 123 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 02.06.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 104: 109 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 30.05.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 118: 109 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 20.05.2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Golden State Warriors 117: 119 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 18.05.2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Golden State Warriors 99: 110 (NBA playoffs)

Toronto Raptors – Statistics & Current Form

The Raptors are reaching for the title. Some had expected a few games to be close before the final series, but few that the Raptors would dominate them. Well, it was not known that next to Durant would also be Thompson and Looney. But then these factors must be exploited so ice cold first. 44.7% from downtown and 95.2% from the free throw line are excellent numbers. That might even be enough against the dubs in full squad to win. Almost a pity that we will probably get this scenario at least in the last games of the series, should Kevin Durant intervene again. The Raptors, however, should use this opportunity now, because they will not get that one again so fast.

But just this unique opportunity could also become an obstacle once it arrives in the minds of Canadians. Players like Lowry or Siakam, who have little finals and no title experience, might be starting to think. Since they can speak of luck, that they have with Green and Leonard already title-tested players on the court, who can then take the lead. That would be at least a plan that promises success. Whether he can implement the Raptors, is very exciting to watch. In any case, you must continue your defense work with the same high intensity so the dubs can not breathe for a second. If they succeed, the sensation is possible, even in game 4 again. At Golden State Vs Toronto’s odds are so confused and change almost every hour with each new message about the health of the Warriors players that we should wait here. If all (except Durant and Looney) are fit, we would bet on the reigning champion and his experience at Golden State – Toronto.

Last Results of the Toronto Raptors:

🏀 05.06.2019 – Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors 109: 123 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 02.06.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 104: 109 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 30.05.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 118: 109 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 5/25/2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Milwaukee Bucks 100: 94 (NBA playoffs)
🏀 23.05.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors 99: 105 (NBA playoffs)

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Head to Head Statistics

The Raptors do not seem to be just an opponent at eye level, they are one. At the moment, they can even look over the Warriors, even if you have to take into account the tight staffing of the Champion. Since the two successes of the Canadians in the regular season against the Dubs were so no fluke. For the upcoming games, therefore, the same applies, which is also exciting in the NHL in the finals. Day form wins! So because the Dubs at least one of their stars in the next few days will get back. With the lineup with which they have finished Game 3, this will not work for them this year.

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Our Basketball Betting Tips

For the bookies, the Warriors in Game 4 are favorites again, which is obvious, since it looks like it will be the moment that Klay Thompson will play again. If that were the case, then we too would be at Warriors Vs. Raptors still consider the odds sufficient for betting on GSW, at least with a small handicap.

Key Facts – Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors tips

⛹🏽‍♂️ The use of Thompson is on the verge
⛹🏽‍♂️ Raptors with successful team basketball in Game 3
⛹🏽‍♂️ With 28.6 assists per game, the Warriors lead these statistics but superior

In the overall score, we can expect the Warriors to regain their 109 points, as in any game so far. No, joking aside, it’s actually incredibly difficult to make a prediction on Warriors – Raptors, as the scores are always around the 215 to 220 points – a bit higher, sometimes a little lower. For betting on the total, this is too uncertain in our opinion.

Betting Tips: Victory Golden State Warriors -5.5
Odds: 1.95

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