Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Basketball Betting Tips 6/06/2019

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors

Under the ex-presidential eyes of Barack Obama in the auditorium, the Warriors won the second match of the NBA 2019 finals on Sunday night. Thanks to the victory, the home advantage of the Canadians was compensated for and the final is now moving to Oakland for the first time. The Dubs took on the success in the second game mainly by a big third of a third – known to be a core competence – in which the Raptors were scored with 13 points. Above all, the mental strength of the basketball fans from California was impressive, because with Klay Thompson had to leave the court at the beginning of the fourth quarter of one of her best players due to injury, so that the personal worries at the champion have now grown even more. Finally missing also Kevin Durant due to a Blessur from the Conference semi-final against the Rockets.

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Basketball Betting Tips

The two-time Finals MVP will probably not be able to play again in the upcoming match. Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors still see the odds as the hosts’ favorite for the win. However, the tip follows this judgment only conditionally. Although not least the home advantage speaks for the ripped-off squad of coach Steve Kerr, but a possible loss of Thompson would be difficult for the Warriors despite their excellent remaining Starting Five to compensate. For KD, it should be enough, if at all, only for a short-term use. The Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors tip is therefore aimed at the guests, with a handicap of + 9.5 points is integrated.

Golden State Warriors – Statistics & Current Form

The Warriors have lost the dominance of the last few years this season, but they still show regularly that they are a worthy title holder. One example was the previous match, in which they again called their winning mentality ice-cold. The team just can not be confused and trumps especially in the crunch time always extremely serene: This time, small forward Andre Iguodala took over just under six seconds before the final siren the responsibility and made with a threesome the final score of 109: 104 of the dubs. Previously, thanks to a ten-point run, the Raptors had once again come close threatening. Although the Finals MVP of 2015 was rather weak on offense in the game, only three out of eight attempts made their way through the trap, but when it gets tight and the dagger is needed, Iggy can usually be relied on.

It also seems that Golden State has regained its rhythm after the long nine-day break between the first lost game of the final series and the won Conference final against the Portland Trail Blazers. It is also positive from the point of view of Dubs that Center DeMarcus Cousins ​​is available after a long injury break. He was in the first game of the finals already eight minutes on the court and now he completed 28 minutes, where he delivered a strong performance with eleven points, ten rebounds and six assists. Of course, for the injured Warriors, his return is particularly important. Curry did not manage to finish his seventh consecutive game with more than 30 points, but with 23 points, he was the second-best scorer after Thompson and the Splash duo scored a whopping 48 points.

Last results of Golden State Warriors:

🏀 03.06.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 104: 109 (NBA)
🏀 31.05.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 118: 109 (NBA)
🏀 21.05.2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Golden State Warriors 117: 119 (OT) (NBA)
🏀 19.05.2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Golden State Warriors 99: 110 (NBA)
🏀 17.05.2019 – Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers 114: 111 (NBA)

USA Toronto Raptors – Statistics & Current Form

For their part, the Toronto Raptors failed to match the fate of the opening game of the finals. Only about 37 percent out of the field and very meager almost 29 percent of Downtown were in the end just not enough to beat the champion again. On the other hand, the defeat was very close with five points difference and on the defensive, the Raptors were absolutely equal. In addition, the bench of the team of coach Nick Nurse, who stands for the first time in an NBA final, again proved very solid. With 31:25 the second guard of the title holder was auscort. First and foremost thanks to point guard Fred Vanvleet, who is increasingly turning into a positive X-factor for the Raptors in these weeks. Already in the games against the Bucks he turned on and with 15 and 17 points in the previous duels with the Warriors, he has clearly outperformed his average value from the regular season. In the course of the postseason, he has increased more and more and is now in good mood at the crucial moment of the season.

This also applies without compromise also for small forward Kahwi Leonard: The claw contributed 34 points for his team and was the best scorer on the court. As in the Conference final against the Milwaukee Bucks convinced the 27-year-old also on the defensive , This time it was nine defensive rebounds – shared best with DeMarcus cousins ​​of the Warriors. After drawing Giannis Antetokounmpo’s teeth in the previous series to make sure he reached the finals, he once again impressively confirmed his defensive abilities. He put some shade on his performance with only five turnovers. Basically, with Warriors Vs. Raptors also odds rates for more than 8.5 rebounds for Kahwi Leonard. So far, he has come up with an average of eleven for the champion and the average for the postseason is 9.1. The match winner from the first game, Power Forward Pascal Siakam, broke his last one clearly. Instead of 32 points, he came in the last encounter only 12 points and thus remained well below his average in the postseason and the regular season. The reason for the weaker performance was Draymond Green on the side of the Warriors, who let him hardly develop this time.

Last results from Toronto Raptors:

🏀 03.06.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 104: 109 (NBA)
🏀 31.05.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Golden State Warriors 118: 109 (NBA)
🏀 26.05.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Milwaukee Bucks 100: 94 (NBA)
🏀 24.05.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors 99: 105 (NBA)
🏀 22.05.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Milwaukee Bucks 120: 102 (NBA)

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors – Head to Head Statistics

The Raptors were able to win both duels in the regular season and in the final series it is 1-1. The Warriors’ last home game against basketball players from the north last December ended in a clear 93:13 defeat, although Leonard had to pass due to an injury. Previously, however, the dubs showed a series of no less than 14 home games against their opponents. In the upcoming duel between the Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors consider the odds the title holder again as a hot candidate for the win.

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors Basketball Betting Tips

The dubs are in the finals for the fifth time in a row, while participation for the Raptors is a premiere. Based on this comparison, it quickly becomes clear that the Master is much more experienced. A circumstance that paid off last time, when a pretty close match was victoriously won by the Warriors. The Warriors compensated for the series and have already eliminated the home advantage of the Canadians. However, it will be staffed but slowly close for the star troupe from the sun state. In addition to the best scorer of the postseason, Kevin Durant, Golden State is now also bothered by Klay Thompson, who could not finish the previous match and its use is not certain. Should he fail, it would be a heavy loss not only for the dub’s offensive, as one half of the Splash duo is missing, but also for the Master’s defense:

His recent performances against Kahwi Leonard in defense have been much stronger than team-mate Alfonzo McKinnie, so the reigning champion will do his utmost to restore Thompson’s chances. In addition, with Kevon Looney, an important banker could not finish the final match due to injury, which further strengthens the Raptors’ bank advantage.

Key Facts – Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors tips

⛹🏽‍♂️ Final series is balanced with 1: 1
⛹🏽‍♂️ Warriors fear for the use of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant
⛹🏽‍♂️ Raptors won both games in the regular season

So far, the second set of Toronto has always scrapped its counterpart on the Warriors, with not only Vanvleet currently playing at a top level, but also center Serge Ibaka, who serves as backup for Marc Gasol, and recently filled that role to the full. Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors still favor the odds but the host is expected to be at least a close game, at the end could be quite a success of the final freshman.

Betting Tips: Win Toronto Raptors (+ 9.5)
Odds: 1.56

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