GP winner Great Britain

I think Hamilton can win this grand prix in home soil, after all Lewis Hamilton has to cut way to recover the 20 points late for S.Vettel and being the German out of the first grid of departure is a golden opportunity for that.

Hamilton seems to be full of confidence at Silverstone and his cannon-top lap in qualifying makes everyone feel good and the fact that he is very close to equaling Schumacher’s pole position record also serves as a great tonic for this race.



Moreover the long straight lines of the Silverstone circuit and the constant requests of high engine revs favor the characteristics of the Mercedes engine and this can still be more evident during the race in relation to the qualification.
Prognosis Winner GP Great Britain – Formula 1:

Being the only one to run in the second 26 in the qualifying, it would not be surprising that the English opened in the first few laps and ended up having a good advantage to control in the rest of the race,

as was clear in the Gp of Austria – and in other great prizes – Mercedes is much more effective when it is in the lead than when it has to recover places, where in these cases often fails in strategic terms.


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