F1 GP da Alemanha

Those who follow the formula 1 in recent years know from the stink that this is.
9 out of 10 races are won by the Mercedes, and when that does not happen it’s almost always because there was a crash between both riders of the brand, which, as everyone knows, do not even notice anything.

And here in Hockenheim will be more of the same. In fact, proof of this, were the training sessions where the Mercedes came to give 1 second ?? !!! to everyone. It is certain that after the competition was approaching, but nevertheless Rosberg, in the Qualification, gave a tenth to Hamilton and 4 to Ricciardo (3º better time).

And my pick starts precisely because of this Mercedes dominance. It is no wonder that the German mark dominates the … Germany even more clairvoyantly than it does in all other evidence. And it will not be for nothing that your spearhead here is a German … Rosberg. Stay at home.

And just look for free practice and qualifying to look for 1st place and see only one name … Nico Rosberg. With interesting detail. In Q1, Nico when he was making his fast return had to abort her due to an electrical problem having to enter the pits to quickly be arranged by the mechanics. There was the imminent risk that he would soon be disqualified for lack of time and leave the last place on the grid. Fortunately the mechanics were able to quickly solve the problem and allow the German time to make a quick one-lap. Well, when one could think that he would limit himself to a time that would allow him to qualify for Q2, he simply beat everyone with the fastest lap.

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For sure it is very important for me to win tomorrow’s race, and I will be attacking with everything. It will be a big battle as always. I feel that the chances are good, and I am in very good shape myself.

Prognosis Winner – F1 GP of Germany:

Another detail that may influence is that after a tremendous start to the season where he has won successive victories (4), and as Hamilton won 5 of the last 6 races, Rosberg saw himself overtaken last weekend in the fight for the drivers’ title by his team-mate for what I believe will not waste this opportunity to recover (or at least, if Hamilton finishes in 2nd place, to stay 1 point only of the Briton).

A historical detail. It was 30 years ago that Keke Rosberg won the pole position in this same GP. Keke who is the father of … Nico Rosberg.

Nico has rigorously everything to win tomorrow and I’m going strong in that.

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