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A record of 5:21 and 3: 9 at home shows that, but to be honest this team is better than the record shows, but it is a team undergoing rebuilding and so you can not ask for much more than be evolving over time,

that is the goal of the team and try to make Point Guard Schroeder as the leader of this team for next year.

The Detroit Pistons have a record of 14:13 and have had ups and downs throughout the season, but to be honest it’s one of the best teams at East-level staffing and coaching staff, has one of the best coaches in the NBA

and with this quality that the team has this year the thing can run very well since they have kept key pieces in the squad and were looking for key pieces for the gaps of the past year but is going through a very bad phase,

7 consecutive defeats is too much for the quality of this team and for the squad that this team has.
Prognosis Hawks vs. Pistons:

It is difficult to bet on a team that has lost 7 consecutive games and especially away from home, but in this case I see with good eyes for the Pistons to taste the victory, the team in terms of team is superior but also has favorable match-ups,

especially Andre Drummond should not have major problems in regard to the defense of the Hawks since they have no one to stop him in the defense, so I’m going to the Pistons to win here.

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