Los Angeles Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Prediction 2/03/2019

For the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers, the suffering could possibly continue this season: After it has not been enough for the playoffs for five years, the hopes were very great that this would change with the commitment of King James, but currently the Californians are only in tenth place in the west. With the Sacramento Kings and city rivals Los Angeles Clippers you have two neighborly teams right in front of you.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks Today’s Basketball Prediction

At last, at least after two bankruptcies, a victory against the New Orleans pelicans in the Staples Center succeeded again. The upcoming opponent, however, is a few numbers larger: After all, the Milwaukee Bucks are no less than the best team in the NBA! In addition, they won in the last three meetings with the basket hunters from LA. At Los Angeles Lakers against Milwaukee Bucks, the odds of guests thus logically implies a favorite role. The tip is still on the home side, but he is connected with a lead of 7.5 points.

Los Angeles Lakers – Statistics & Current Form

On February 1, Los Angeles fans were struck by the Lakers’ numbers: after the longest injury break of his career, LeBron James returned to the court. He had been out of action for about six weeks and immediately confirmed his reputation as a savior, as the match against the Clippers was won on his extra-long comeback. But the joy of a turnaround was premature, as well as The Chosen One has not changed the fundamentally poor performance of the team coach Luke Walton. Since he’s on board again, the record is four wins and six losses – a cut that will definitely not be enough for the post season.

It seems that the atmosphere in the troupe is disturbed. The main reason for this is the numerous trade rumors that, with the exception of LeBron James, affect virtually every player in the Lakers. In addition, some players do not seem to be up to the pressure of qualifying for the playoffs. A mixture of problems that explains why the Lakers do not play consistently well, but only occasionally retrieve their unquestionably existing potential.

Rajon Rondo is one of the few positive exceptions in the sad image that the Lakers often make in this season. The Point Guard came in the summer of the New Orleans Pelicans and impresses above all by its game intelligence. Among other things, read that the 33-year-old averages 7.4 assists for his teammates per match. A value that almost matches the 7.8 templates of LeBron James. In the final match against the New Orleans Pelicans it was even no less than 16, a value for the four-time NBA All Star, who topped this matchday no one.

Last results from Los Angeles Lakers:

🏀 28.02.2019 – Los Angeles vs. Lakers. New Orleans Pelicans 125: 119 (NBA)
🏀 26.02.2019 – Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers 110: 105 (NBA)
🏀 24.02.2019 – New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Lakers 128: 115 (NBA)
🏀 22.02.2019 – Los Angeles vs. Lakers. Houston Rockets 111: 106 (NBA)
🏀 13.02.2019 – Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Lakers 117: 113 (NBA)

Milwaukee Bucks – Statistics & Current Form

While the losers in Los Angeles are worried about the playoffs, the Milwaukee Bucks no longer have this fear. After more than two thirds of normal time, Milwaukee is the best franchise in the NBA. The victory rate was increased by almost 26 percent compared to the previous year and the fans dream long ago that it could work after 48 years once again with the championship. For the Bucks it would be only the second title in the club’s history.

Of course, Giannis Antetokounmpo, who competed against LeBron James in the recent All Star Game with his team, is responsible for the good finish. Although the match was lost, the mere fact that he was selected as team captain shows how well recognized the Greek Freak is by now. Especially impressive is his flexible playing style, which allows him to use in several positions such as Small and Power Forward or Point and Shooting Guard.

The Bucks, with an average of 117 points, are the NBA’s second-best offensive team, thanks in particular to Antetokounmpo, who scores 27 points per game and is clearly the best scorer in his team. He also leads the internal ranking with an average of 12.6 rebounds and 5.9 assists. At the moment he is suffering from a knee injury, which lastly noticeably affected him in the match against the Sacromento Kings and prevented his deployment in the decisive phase of the match. The Lakers should In addition, avoid that Malcolm Brodgon joins the free throw line. With 93.6% of successful throws, he is in this rating the best player of the NBA! Furthermore, the Bucks have to give up three players from the bench, as Point Guard George Hill and Shooting Guards Donte DiVincenzo and Sterling Brown have to pass due to injury.

Last results from Milwaukee Bucks:

🏀 28.02.2019 – Sacramento Kings vs. Milwaukee Bucks 140: 141 (OT) (NBA)
🏀 26.02.2019 – Chicago Bulls Vs. Milwaukee Bucks 106: 117 (NBA)
🏀 24.02.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks vs. Minnesota Timberwolves 140: 128 (NBA)
🏀 22.02.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics 98:97 (NBA)
🏀 14.02.2019 – Indiana Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks 97: 106 (NBA)

Los Angeles Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks – Head to Head Statistics

The 16-time champion and the Bucks face each other for the first time in almost a year. At that time Milwaukee won after extra time with 124: 122 in LA. It was the third win in a row in this pairing, although the results were always close. In the upcoming duel between Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks, the odds again favor the guest team.

Los Angeles Lakers – Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Betting Prediction

For 16 years, the Bucks were either not at all qualified for the playoffs or retired in the first round. In all likelihood this season will see a deep run in the postseason and possibly even the title for the first time in almost 50 years. Milwaukee is playing a fantastic season so far and currently no franchise is stronger than the Bucks. Also away from home is the team from the East very stable, as the win rate of 71 percent. A yield that is also a best in the NBA and even places the Oakland champion in second place. Of the last ten appearances, only the match against Oklahoma City Thunder was lost at the end of January. Since then, there have been nine wins in a row. Balance sheets that can only be dreamed of in Los Angeles. The Lakers rank only in tenth place in the west, which is why they have to fear for the playoffs. If the goal is not achieved, it would be the sixth time in a row. Even the return of LeBron James just over four weeks ago did not really improve the situation, as the yield is also negative with LBJ with four wins and six defeats. The Los Angeles Lakers vs. Milwaukee Bucks odds are in favor of the visitors, but the guess is for the hosts, but a handicap of +7.5 is selected.

Key Facts – Los Angeles Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks tips

Bucks have the second best score (117 per match) & best rebound (48.9)
Lakers have to worry about 10th in the West for playoffs
Guests are leaders in the East and strongest team in the NBA (win rate: 77%)

Los Angeles must finally enter victories to reach the playoffs yet. Although the last two home games against the Bucks lost, but each very close (122: 124, 103: 107). The Bucks also have some losses on the bench, hampering the depth of the squad, and top star Giannis Antetokounmpo is struggling with knee problems, which is why he did not return to normal in his exhausting overtime victory against the Sacramento Kings last Wednesday Deployment time of more than 30 minutes came and in the crunch time was completely missing. On the other hand, LA was at least somewhat improved in the last round of the home win over New Orleans, compared to the defeats on the previous two rounds.

Betting Tips: Win Los Angeles Lakers (+7.5)
Odds: 1.61

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