Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks Basketball Betting Tips 29/03/2019

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The Heat got caught cold. Against the Magic, at home there was an unexpected and extremely annoying defeat, which meant that Miami had to hand over the all-important eighth place to Orlando. From now on they are again the hunters and have to hope for slip-ups of the competition. However, they should definitely solve their compulsory tasks and one of these is a matchup with the Dallas Mavericks, of course. Because they have lost eight of their past ten games and are more likely to improve their position in the draft even more than mandatory wins. Still, they keep coming up with surprises like they did recently when they shot the reigning champion from Oakland 35 points difference from their hall. However, the next match was then lost again befitting, so as not to let the balance sheet too good.

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks Basketball Betting Tips

In this respect, the conditions for the duel with the Heat are actually clear. The Heat must win and the Mavs should lose even more. However, this does not necessarily mean anything in the NBA this year, as it sometimes comes to results that one would not have dreamed of in the dream – see the huge success of the Mavs in the Warriors. Nevertheless, we would expect a strong victory for Heat on Thursday, as in Miami, the departure of Dirk Nowitzki and his last duel with Dwyane Wade will again be very much in the spotlight. Every time that was the case, then, Dirkules seemed a bit inhibited and threw some more bricks. At the moment, however, he needs his points in order to have a chance of winning. For Heat vs. Mavs is our tip therefore a success of Miami, which should also fail with more than five points difference.

Miami Heat – Statistics & Current Form

That was not the game of heat against the Orlando Magic. Ironically, against the biggest rival for eighth in the East, they broke in after the break tremendously. After the first quarter they had even led with 14 points. But especially with the rebounds they were then shown after the halftime break, what came as a surprise, but this area is still one of their greatest strengths. However, only Bam Adebayo could play his class here on Tuesday. But the two other big men Olynyk and Whiteside were able to tamper only indiscutable five rebounds, which would be a sticking point in the game already addressed. Even the threesome rate was not great at 30.3%, but that is rare in Miami.

That’s why it will now be up against Dallas again to regain their dominance under the baskets. Because they are statistically even weaker than the Magic. However, if they get seven rebounds less than their counterparts, then Mav’s task becomes a Harakiri Commando. That came a bit surprisingly against Orlando, since the rebounding has something more to do with readiness than any hit rates from the field. It sometimes seemed like the heat was a little inhibited, especially after the break when they slowly saw their skins swimming. It would have been up to Dwyane Wade to bring peace into the game with his experience and to stop the run of the Magic. However, we expect them to draw their conclusions from the defeat against Orlando and to play very differently against Dallas on Thursday. Another Heimpleite they can not afford, because then the playoffs would most likely take place without them in the end.

Last Results from Miami Heat:

🏀 26.03.2019 Miami Heat vs. Orlando Magic 99: 104 (NBA)
🏀 03/23/2019 – Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat 108: 113 (NBA)
🏀 22.03.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat 116: 87 (NBA)
🏀 20.03.2019 – San Antonio Spurs Vs. Miami Heat 105: 110 (NBA)
🏀 18.03.2019 – Oklahoma City Thunder vs.. Miami Heat 107: 116 (NBA)

Dallas Mavericks – Statistics & Current Form

The Mavs are slowly phasing out the season, knowing that they should not win too often, so as not to reduce their chances for the draft in the summer. They can prove that they can do better every few games by knocking one out. So it was with the Golden State Warriors and also the Nuggets had to fight a lot recently to conquer the team around Doncic and Nowitzki. In any case, this gives hope for a more successful future for the Texans, especially considering that Kristaps Porzingis will also be on board from the upcoming season. Even Dirk Nowitzki has now come to terms with the fact that he will miss the playoffs again in his last season. The good thing is that he gets more playing time in almost all games – so he could reach the all-time points of Wilt Chamberlain relatively easy already a few weeks before the end of the season. He will continue to be celebrated frenetically in every hall he comes to. It will be the same in Miami, where he has done some historical battles with his Mavs.

In addition, he will meet for the last time on his longtime companion Dwyane Wade, which could also be emotional again. We are very curious which of the aging world stars will score more points on Thursday. If Dirkules crack the 15-point mark again, then the odds for the Mavs on an away win are definitely much higher. Nevertheless, we do not think that they will succeed, because they could win seven games away from home. Only the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to tear even less than Dallas in a foreign hall. The surprising success in Oakland was not able to change that either, because it was no longer a matter of life or death. It’s not that dramatic for the Heat, but they definitely have more reasons to fight than Dallas. Of course, the bookmakers know that too, which is why the odds of a heat hit between Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks are not that high. Still, we can still take advantage of the odds and bet on a Heat win with a small handicap. Because just when they are just before the end with some points back, let the Mavs but it sometimes grind something that should meet corresponding bets.

Last results from Dallas Mavericks:

🏀 26.03.2019 – Dallas Mavericks vs. Sacramento Kings 121: 125 (NBA)
🏀 03/23/2019 – Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks 91: 126 (NBA)
🏀 21.03.2019 – Sacramento Kings vs. Dallas Mavericks 116: 100 (NBA)
🏀 20.03.2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Dallas Mavericks 126: 118 (NBA)
🏀 18.03.2019 – Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Pelicans 125: 129 (NBA)

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks – Head to Head Statistics

Four of the last five matches went to the Heat and we dare to doubt that the Mavs are about to start improving this series. Because even the current form of the last ten games days rather speaks for Miami (10: 6 compared to 2: 8). The last home game against the Mavs was won by the Heat eleven points ahead and in about the same way we see the signs for the match on Thursday. Whether it’s seven, eleven or fifteen points ahead is difficult to predict, but it should definitely be a success that will not come with the buzzer. For Heat against Mavericks, our tip is therefore a clear success for the men of Head Coach Eric Spoelstra.

Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks Basketball Betting Tips

The Heat have just lost a match as favorites, but twice in a row this should not happen to them if they want to get into the post season. We therefore assume that in Heat vs. Mavericks the odds can still be exploited.

Key Facts – Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks tips

⮑ The Heat are in ninth place in the Eastern Conference with 36:38 wins
⮑ With 69.2%, the Heat is the worst team in the NBA from the free throw line
⮑ The Mavericks are currently 14th in the Western Conference with a 29:45 record

In addition, it could be exciting to bet on individual bets on Thursday. Especially the two old stars Wade and Nowitzki will be in the focus of attention and we assume that Wade will exceed his season point cut of 14.4 points in the night to Friday.

Betting Tips: Win Miami Heat -8
Odds: 2.00

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