Mikhail Kukushkin vs Marius Copil – Featured Picks

Background player of the court, he plays a lot on the counterattack, he has a lot of intelligence in building points and he mixes his game well. He’s a hard floor specialist.

Marius Copil, 27-year-old Romanian tennis player, number 91 of the ATP ranking.

Player with great service, is his brand image, a good backhand to one hand and aggressive and usually straight strokes.

Kukushkin is showing good tennis and is surprising (including me) with his consistency.

He’s always been a good player, a bit hurt by injuries, I do not think he’s brilliant either, but he seems to have been far from the last,

maybe he has reached a higher level of maturity to play (he has still proved this against Janowicz) and this is only good for him.

He is a player that has been doing few games lately and I think that is why he has run the challengers, much to try to start new season already with some rhythm. He defeated Gianessi 2-0, Desein 2-1 and Janowicz with his withdrawal in the 3rd set.

As for Copil, a player who has a very one-dimensional game, his aggressive style is good, I like to see him play and I think he has quality but more for challengers,

I miss the game of return to be able to impose itself a little more and I have been saying this for at least 2 years (that is the time that I follow).

He is a very difficult player to break but also does not have great response game, besides it is very bad to convert break points. He defeated Patrik Nema 2-1, Lukas Klein 2-0 and Kamil Majchrzak 2-0.
Prognosis Mikhail Kukushkin vs. Marius Copil:

In conclusion, I was very surprised by the game of Kazakh against Janowicz: a lot of responsiveness and a lot of strength and depth in the blows, being that I always seemed very capable and especially strong mentally after losing the first set.

I think Copil is a similar player to Kukushkin and I think Mikhail will move on.

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