Soon-Woo Kwon vs Calvin Hemery – Featured Picks

Player with a beautiful service and have a great capacity for a future, we will see him to climb a lot. There’s a nice game on the back of the court.

Calvin Hemery, French tennis player of 22 years, number 190 of the ATP ranking.

Player also with talent, has good service, good aggressive ability of the court background, with a great forehand and looking for many winners.

Soon Woo Kwon has shown a great ability and I have been amazed by what he does and I think given his ability (and hoping it’s not just a good phase)

I believe we have a player for the top50 and I have a lot of confidence in him and I advise anyone who has insomnia to take a look at this game.

Kwon has surprised me by the ability to play from the bottom of the court, incredible footwork and know how to prepare well the blows. In addition, it has a lot of resistance. This year has 2 finals of missed challengers.

As for Hemery, a quality player, I also see him in the top 100. It has a more aggressive style, risks many winners, often exaggerated but also has much advantage in terms of acceleration of the game,

because his forehand is quite strong and it is very rare that he is passive with it. In addition, it serves well and manages to get a sense of the opponent’s position to use the dropshots. This year he defeated the Tampere challenger,

having beaten the Portuguese Pedro Sousa in the final. Kwon is an incredible player but Hemery also plays very well.
Prognosis Soon Woo Kwon vs. Calvin Hemery:

I realize the “mini” favoritism of the French, because if his services enter and the forehand is at a good level it will be difficult to stop him. However, there are many factors that make me bet on Asian:

he will have more support, the time zone will also help him and I think the Frenchman despite having great victories is being overrated as he was in a series of 7 losses before. With all this, I am going to the player who is more talented to win.

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