Milan vs Fiorentina Soccer Prediction 20 May 2018

Milan vs Fiorentina Soccer Prediction

Milan vs Fiorentina Soccer Prediction for Today

After a busy transfer window and the arrival of several reinforcements was expected that the Rossoneri presented better football than what was seen this season, but even with all disappointments and stumbling,

Milan need to beat Fiorentina in the final round to prevent further frustration, as he is only 1 point above Atalanta and any stumble can take his place directly to the Europa League, forcing the team to dispute the qualifications.

Fiorentina: On the Fiorentina side there is also an interest in the Europa League, but it is very unlikely who is able to win, in addition to beating Milan, still have to hope for a defeat of Atalanta for Cagliari and take a 7-goal deficit, or almost impossible mission. The team got into trouble in the penultimate round when they lost to Cagliari at home, as the round was good for their team with a draw between Milan and Atalanta, but finally, Fiorentina’s chances of embittering another year of frustration are too great and I do not see them strong enough to beat Milan at San Ciro to at least do their part in the search for a miracle.

Prediction Milan vs Fiorentina:

Milan secured the next edition of the Europa League and that takes a lot of the weight under their shoulders, but with all the investment and the season quite irregular, the minimum that is expected is for the team to play to also secure their place in the group stage, because anything below that would be a huge disappointment to his fans. I do not see Milan slowing down in this duel and their chances of winning are too great given Fiorentina’s even greater instability.

Prediction Today: Milan
Odds: 1.73

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