Chievo vs Benevento Soccer Prediction 20 May 2018

Chievo vs Benevento Soccer Prediction

Chievo vs Benevento Soccer Prediction

Chievo vs Benevento Today’s Soccer Prediction

The two consecutive victories over Crotone and Bologna it was crucial for Chievo to arrive with some clearance for this final round, however, the team still does not have their stay in the Guaranteed Series A and the only way to not depend on any other result is winning his duel against Benevento and so the expectation is that the Chievo take the initiative of the match and assert his command of the field, where he makes a medium campaign with 6 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses, which is far from the best but is enough to make them even more favorites in front of the flashlight.

Benevento: Without any ambition in the championship, the Benevento has already had its relegation decreed several weeks ago and even if winning will not leave the flashlight, however, the team has been showing evolution in the most recent games and managed to score a lot but nothing that surpassed the bad first turn made by the team.
But it is worth mentioning that its evolution was only in the games as principal, because outside the house little thing changed and Benevento maintains a disastrous campaign with 16 losses, 1 draw and 1 victory which exemplifies well what was his short passage through the Italian elite.

Chievo vs Benevento Prediction

Chievo are the best team and the most interested in the victory, having full capacity to beat the fragile Benevento who have scored only 4 of 54 points away from their stadium.

Chievo also have the advantage of having the complete squad for this match, without suspension or injury, already the Benevento did not have the same luck and has at least 6 embezzled already confirmed, which raises still more the degree of distrust on its performance that throughout the whole season already has shown not to be of good level.

Prediction Today: Chievo
Odds: 1.44

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