Parana vs Gremio Soccer Prediction 20 May 2018

Parana vs Gremio Soccer Prediction

Parana vs Gremio Soccer Prediction

Worst Serie A team so far, Paraná only adds 1 point in 5 games and already begins to worry about relegation from early, because he knows that has a cast well below the others. It is still early to classify the Paranaans as the punching bag of the competition, but that is exactly what the team has been, and judging by what it showed in the state and now by the Brasileirão, it is difficult to imagine Paraná giving some work for the big teams. Its greatest asset is Vila Capanema, but neither has she made a difference in her games, adding two defeats in two games against Corinthians (0x4) and Sport (1 × 2) and has the worst defense with an average of more than 2 goals per game.

Grêmio: This first half of 2018 could not have started better for the Gremista club, who won the Recopa and Gauchão and continued steadily in the search for the bi of the Libertadores, classified in the Brazil Cup and still remain stuck in the top group of Brasileirão giving proof that he has one of the best cast of the country even though he is not as starry as others.

The team of Renato Gaúcho wins and enchants, both inside and outside the home, both with titleholders and with reserves, both playing well and poorly, the gaucho tricolor has been a machine and is trampling all that come in its way, being the team that I like the most at the moment. Because of the games marathon, the team must follow the planning to retrace the cast just as it did in the middle of the week when it won the Monagas in Venezuela with a mixed team, and it is likely that on Sunday he will send only those who have been spared on the field with rare exceptions, but his level remains high and the returns of Léo Moura, Jael and Hernane will be important for Luan not to overload.

Prediction Parana vs Gremio:

The odds indicate an apparent balance between teams that in my opinion does not exist, at least not previously, but I understand that the embezzlements of the Guild can influence this, however, the value of  1.92 indicated in the odd points to a 52% chance of Grêmio winning, which is a number well below that designed by me that would not give an odd above 1.60 for the visitors.

My analysis goes beyond the potential of each player and the casting force, also takes into account what the two teams have been showing in their performances and the gauchos are one of the few clubs capable of running the cast without affecting their way of playing, while Parana is still not sure what his style or what are his starters and definitely needs to evolve a lot to not have a melancholic championship final in December.

Prediction of the Day: Guild
Odds: 1.77

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