Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Basketball Prediction 22/02/2019

For an absolute top game comes right after the All Star Break in the NBA, when the Milwaukee Bucks the Boston Celtics receive. The Bucks lead the Eastern Conference and a duel with the Toronto Raptors for the top position at the end is underway. The Celtics are currently in fourth place, but if possible, they should make up some ground so as not to run the risk of hitting the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the playoffs, as that would be the worst possible outcome at the moment. The East is very open this year and both the Bucks and the Celtics are said to have good chances of reaching the NBA Finals. In this respect, the duel on Thursday is already a very good test to tune in to the post season. The Celtics also have a bill open with the Bucks, as they stole the last home game in Boston with 120: 107.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Basketball Prediction

Overall, however, it is 1-1 in the series this season and also otherwise it will be a very balanced matchup. Although the Bucks with Giannis Antetokounmpo have a MVP candidate on the field, but the bank of the Celtics is a little better occupied. With Jaylen Brown or Daniel Theis they have real Energymaker coming from the bank, which can make the difference in the end. This happened recently in the away win for the 76ers, when they were even able to get Gordon Hayward off the bench and Philly poured 26 points. Even Kyrie Irving is always a step up against the top teams motivated than against smaller opponents, so we expect the night on Friday with an extremely close and exciting game. Since the Celtics are traded as a clear outsider, it is for Bucks. Celtics our tip to place betting on high odds on Boston. The game takes place in the night on Friday at 02:00 clock in the Fiserv Forum.

Milwaukee Bucks – Statistics & Current Form

The Milwaukee Bucks are so far one of the surprise teams in the league. That they would lead the Eastern Conference at this time of the season was not really to be expected. The Raptors were on the bill, the Celtics also and possibly the 76ers. But the bucks were largely ignored. That has changed, especially because of the two All Stars Giannis Antetokounmpo and Chris Middleton. Above all, the development of Middelton was so unpredictable and it raises the entire team to a new level, since it’s not just about “The Greek Freak” turns. Of course, he is still the main reference point for attacking and defending the team. With 27.2 points and 12.7 rebounds he lays on average a strong double-double, and has also still 1.4 per block and steals are on the list, which underlines his versatility.

Even head coach Mike Budenholzer is to be mentioned as a key factor of success, but he has developed a system that makes the attack of the Bucks extremely flexible. Similar to the Atlanta Hawks, he manages to set up a powerful force with many role-players. Currently even a convincing troupe. While we do not expect Milwaukee to reach the # 1 seed in the East in the end, the number 2 spot is hard to beat. This should be at least one round of playoff, if not more. Much will also depend on the Celtics on how the Bucks can survive the duels in the Guard positions, because there Milwaukee has disadvantages against some teams. With Brogdon, Bledsoe or Hill, they are well positioned, but even the duel against Irving and Tatum they should not win. If they manage to play a good role defensively at least, a victory against Boston is also possible. But it would be very tight and we can well imagine that they will as recently suffered another home defeat against the Magic, which is why at Bucks us – our prediction sees as interesting Celtics rather a tip to Boston.

Last results from Milwaukee Bucks:

  • 13.02.2019 – Indiana Pacers vs. Milwaukee Bucks 97: 106 (NBA)
  • 11.02.2019 – Chicago Bulls Vs. Milwaukee Bucks 99: 112 (NBA)
  • 09.02.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks Vs. Orlando Magic 83: 103 (NBA)
  • 08.02.2019 – Dallas Mavericks Vs. Milwaukee Bucks 107: 122 (NBA)
  • 06.02.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks vs. Washington Wizards 148:12 (NBA)

Boston Celtics – Statistics & Current Form

The Boston Celtics are playing a little strange in the last few weeks. They lose two home games in a row against the Lakers and the Clippers, only to triumph away in the much-rated 76ers away. This shows a bit both their strength and existing weaknesses. They are always highly motivated against the top teams, and they sometimes let things go against the smaller teams. Since quarter then go away with significantly more than ten points difference. Luckily for Boston, the bucks are against the absolute top team in the east on Thursday. Since there should be no major motivation problems, which is why we do not quite go along with the bookmakers who consider the Celtics as a clear outsider. If you know Boston, you know what the Celtics are capable of, and even though they were one of the few teams in the East that did not strengthen themselves during the trade period, this ingenuity can be a big asset.

Against the Bucks we expect another big game from Kyrie Irving. At the last meeting of these two teams at the end of December, he delivered one of his weakest season performances and scored only 15 points in 39 minutes. That was the deciding factor for the defeat in the end. Thus, both Irving and the Celtics have a total bill to settle. For the game Milwaukee vs. Boston, our prediction is therefore a very balanced game, in which both teams can win in the end. However, as the Celtics were able to cope even better with their home away from home, the goblins’ success is not unlikely. In addition, it is extremely important for Boston to advance to third place in the East, because a first playoff round against the 76ers would be a worst-case scenario. Although Philly have narrowly beaten the Celtics recently, there are certainly more enjoyable tasks in a first playoff round.

Last results from Boston Celtics:

  • 13.02.2019 – Boston Celtics Vs. Detroit Pistons 118: 120 (NBA)
  • 12.02.2019 – Philadelphia 76ers Vs. Boston Celtics 109: 112 (NBA)
  • 09.02.2019 – Boston Celtics Vs. Los Angeles Clippers 112: 123 (NBA)
  • 07.02.2019 – Boston Celtics Vs. Los Angeles Lakers 128: 129 (NBA)
  • 05.02.2019 – Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. Boston Celtics 96: 103 (NBA)

Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics – Head to Head Statistics

There have been two duels so far this season and it is brotherly 1: 1, both games also took place in Boston. Now it’s the first time to Milwaukee. In the current form, there are also not too big differences, the Celtics but have won seven of their last ten games, the Bucks even 8. The last home game Milwaukee lost however high with 83: 103 against the Magic, not the creme de la crème counting the league. That’s why we also see slight advantages for Boston on Thursday, which also play very well after the All Star Break. We assume that from now on, the total scores will not shoot more at astronomical heights, as the teams set up so slowly on the defense for the playoffs.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Our Basketball Prediction

The Milwaukee Bucks are, according to the bookmaker, an unexpectedly clear favorite in this game. We do not quite agree with that, so in our view, Bucks vs Celtics is worth a tip on the away team according to basktball prediction expert

Key Facts – Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics tips

The Celtics have won seven of their last ten games
With 37:21 victories, the Celtics are ranked 4th in the Eastern Conference
The Bucks lead the Eastern Conference with 37:14 wins
With 48.0%, the Bucks have the second best hit rate in the league from the field

In addition, one could also exploit that the Celtics always start very well in games. A Boston start-finish win brings a very good betting odds and would be a good option with a small bet. It is also possible to bet on sub-points, as it is now ent

Betting Prediction Win Boston Celtics
Odds: 2.85

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