NBA betting predictions and odds

New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz

NBA betting predictions and odds

NBA betting predictions and odds: 1st match day “Bubble”

It took over four months, but tonight is the day. The NBA resumes the game and tries to end the 2019-2020 season.
It starts with the game between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Utah Jazz.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz

New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz Betting Predictions and Odds

Date: 7/31/2020

Utah was on table 4 in the west before the abrupt break of the season, winning five of the last ten games. The New Orleans Pelicans did the same, but are only 10th and 3.5 games behind 8th (Memphis Grizzlies). Your goal must be to displace the 9th Blazers and keep the gap to Memphis as low as possible. Then the play-in match-up would still be possible for the playoffs.

The last results are worthless, since the situation of both teams has changed in the meantime. Utah, who are already qualified for the playoffs, surprisingly had to accept Bojan Bogdanovic’s season off. A big loss, the Forward was the second best scorer in jazz with 20.2 points per game. For Utah, other players have to step in to compensate for Bogdanovic’s absence.

There are also some question marks about team chemistry in Utah. Unforgettable is the childish behavior of Rudy Gobert, who was one of the first NBA players to be diagnosed with the Covid19 virus and who, due to his careless behavior, also infected teammate Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell noted his anger and made clear in public statements how he judged Gobert’s behavior. In the meantime, the waves are said to have leveled off again, but it remains questionable what the last months have done with jazz and whether they can continue the good regular season without Bogdanovic.

So while Utah is currently viewed with skepticism, the situation for opponents from New Orleans is different. Top rookie Zion Williamson was late in making his debut and not only had an immediate impact on the game, but had also become the second-best scorer of the young Pelicans in 19 games and 23.6 points per game.

He’s got hopes for the playoff fight, but he ended up in quarantine because he had to leave the bubble because of a family emergency. Whether he will be in the first game will be decided shortly before the game begins. In any case, he wasn’t in the test games. Nevertheless, his team was dangerous and left the impression that they could and want to accept the playoff campaign.

Betting Prediction: New Orleans Pelicans
Odds: 1.72

The test games went a little better for the Pelicans, who won all three games, while Utah won only two out of three games. With the prospect of Zion returning, due to the fact that Utah is not complete and since the Pelicans need every win in the fight for the playoffs, the tip should go to the Pelicans who will give everything for a good start.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers Betting Predictions and Odds

Date: 7/31/2020

The second game of the first “Bubble” game day is an absolute top duel and probably the preview of the Western Conference Finals. The Western Conference table leader welcomes the second when the Los Angeles Lakers meet their city neighbors, the LA Clippers. After an opening loss to the Mavs, the Lakers won their other two friendly games. The clippers also won two of their three test games. However, despite the large number of top stars and the number of other top-class players, you shouldn’t expect an absolute top game.
With the Clippers some players were recently in quarantine, Kawhi Leonard was completely out of shape and the interaction is far from the level that Coach Doc Rivers wants. The individual class is questionably very high, but it will be a challenge for the team to get into a good rhythm until the start of the playoffs.

However, the Lakers don’t look much better either. Rajon Rondo was injured and Avery Bradley will also be missing from the team, so Dion Waiters and JR Smith, two controversial players, have to fill the Lakers team and possibly even take on leading roles. It remains to be seen whether they can meet expectations and how they will fit into the team.

Betting Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers
Odds: 1.58

The result of this game will probably not be meaningful, but of course both want to gain confidence with a win and of course improve the interaction towards the playoffs. The Lakers left the better and somewhat motivated impression, as LeBron James always stressed to be ready and the newcomers also left a good impression. Davis is also fit and the Lakers seem to know what to expect in the coming weeks. The Clippers are by no means to be underestimated with Leonard and George, but when it comes to team chemistry, play-in and focus, the Lakers seem to have the edge on game day 1. Therefore, the tip should go to LeBron and his Lakers.


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