Champions League

PSG vs Bayern

0.0 00 In spite of its different essence. Both teams draw a domain territory in their respective countries, showing themselves capable of combining a much higher capacity in financial terms with an attitude in the market that ends up formulating it as the club that, at national level, you know […]

Basel vs Benfica

0.0 00 His actions and how to recover to return to be Benfica candidate for the Portuguese title and the qualification for the knockout of the Champions League. Having lost with CSKA Moscow on the opening day made it all the more difficult for Benfica in this competition. But it […]

Sporting vs Barcelona

0.0 00 The Portuguese coach has never dealt very well with European competitions. Firstly, because it is a territory that runs away from control, for not having the deep knowledge of the same that can get in the Portuguese League. Then, because it forces him to manipulate differentiated goals throughout […]

Vardar vs Zenit

0.0 00 But it is in European competitions that the Vardar has achieved better results. It has been one of the teams that most surprised to have eliminated and caused problems to teams that usually usually participate in the European competitions. Having eliminated Malmo with a draw and a win, […]