Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks Basketball Betting Tips 4/04/3019

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While all tickets for the playoffs have been awarded in the West and only a few position battles are still pending for the coveted home law, the situation in the East looks completely different. To the remaining three slots for the postseason rages a thrilling four-fight and the Orlando Magic are part of it. Currently they are in 9th place, which is why all that counts is more victories. With the New York Knicks but now also the right opponent comes to visit the Amway Center.

Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks Today’s Basketball Betting Tips

The basketball hunters from Big Apple have once again delivered a badly bad season and have the worst record of all franchises in the NBA. The tanking mode is of course already activated and the hopes are once again on the future. With Orlando Magic against New York Knicks, the odds are not surprisingly clear towards a victory of the troupe from Florida. The Orlando Magic vs. New York Knicks tip joins this verdict, but with a handicap of – 9.5 for the home side to get the odds out of the nanoscale. Tip-Off is at 01:00 on the 4th of April.

Orlando Magic – Statistics & Current Form

For six seasons, Orlando is waiting to finally get back into the playoffs. There is still a chance, but with the Brooklyn Nets, Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons, there are three more contenders for one of the three remaining seats. Higher-level mathematics is not needed to recognize that a team will fall by the wayside in the face of this constellation. The two-time Conference winner, last time in 2009, has the worst cards at the moment, but still everything is in it.

In Orlando, however, some players like Center Mohamed Bamba or Point Guard Isaih Briscoe are missing in the match against the Knicks due to injuries. However, these are all actors from the bank. Nevertheless, the depth of the squad is weakened. However, the team has come to grips with the seriousness of the situation since the beginning of mid-March, when it faced bitter defeats against beatable opponents like the Cavs from Cleveland or the Memphis Grizzlies. Victories against immediate rivals such as Miami or already qualified teams like Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers a few days ago show this, although against Detroit less than a week ago and at the Toronto Raptors last Tuesday also bankruptcies had to be booked.

At home, the team of coach Steve Clifford, however, has not given up any nakedness for a long time. Since February, only one of twelve encounters in front of their own audience has been lost. Among other things, even the champion from Oakland, who has the best record in the foreign, was defeated. In light of the home record, it is underpinned why Orlando Magic versus New York Knicks are outperforming for another home win.

Last results of Orlando Magic:

🏀 02.04.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Orlando Magic 121: 109 (NBA)
🏀 31.03.2019 – Indiana Pacers Vs. Orlando Magic 116: 121 (NBA)
🏀 29.03.2019 – Detroit Pistons Vs. Orlando Magic 115: 98 (NBA)
🏀 27.03.2019 – Miami Heat Vs. Orlando Magic 99: 104 (NBA)
🏀 26.03.2019 – Orlando Magic Vs. Philadelphia 76ers 119: 98 (NBA)

New York Knicks – Statistics & Current Form

The Knicks will be watching the postseason in front of the TV for the sixth time in a row. The club from New York may, in view of the bad season once more but very good chances in the next draft, as it will be assigned as the worst team in the NBA especially many combinations in the lottery. The team of coach David Fizdale is of course also on the “refuel” and hardly willing to win games to defend the last place. Instead, some players have been tested in recent games to see if they qualify for next season. A circumstance that led to names such as point guard Emmanuel Mudiay suddenly appearing in the Starting Five.

How bad it is about the two-time champions, can be attached to numerous factors: For example, the Knicks have the worst field goal rate with 43.2 percent and no team in the NBA comes to fewer assists per match (20.0 ) and with 104.9 points per match also the offensive weakness of the franchise from Manhattan becomes clear – because only the Cavs and Grizzlies are still weaker in this ranking. With Enes Kanter, the Knicks have also dismissed a seasoned center a few weeks ago from his contract. In Fizdale, the 26-year-old barely played a role at last, which is why the Turkish-born player sought to break up. Meanwhile, he is under contract with Portland, where he delivered immediately comparatively good performances.

Recent results from New York Knicks:

🏀 02.04.2019 – New York Knicks vs. Chicago Bulls 113: 105 (NBA)
🏀 31.03.2019 – New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat 92: 100 (NBA)
🏀 Mar 29, 2014 – New York Knicks vs. Toronto Raptors 92: 117 (NBA)
🏀 24.03.2019 – New York Knicks vs. Los Angeles Clippers 113: 124 (NBA)
🏀 03/23/2019 – New York Knicks vs. Denver Nuggets 93: 111 (NBA)

Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks – Head to Head Statistics

Most recently, Orlando and the Knicks faced each other in Madison Square Garden at the end of February and the New Yorkers actually scored one of their few victories this season. With 108: 103 they won surprisingly. The two previous seasonal singles each won Orlando Magic for themselves. However, the home games against the Knicks are not among the favorite pairings of the franchise. So the long-term balance for the last 15 duels with seven wins and eight failures is negative. But despite the adversary factor, the odds in the upcoming match between Orlando Magic and New York Knicks are the home side’s hottest candidates for victory.

Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks Basketball Betting Tips

That Orlando Magic wins against the New York Knicks is a pretty sure bet, which is why the odds are low on that and barely offer any value. The franchise from Florida is struggling to participate in the postseason, which will make them highly motivated in the encounter. Although some players from the second row are injured, but the squad is clearly superior to the opponent. In addition, Orlando has the home advantage. A trump that the team has played very often in recent weeks. So the last seven home games were won throughout and even the champions from Oakland conceded one of his only 13 away defeats in the Amway Center.

Key Facts – Orlando Magic vs New York Knicks tips

⛹🏽‍♂️ Knicks are the worst team in the NBA – victory rate of 19.5%
⛹🏽‍♂️ Orlando is still in the running for the playoffs and currently occupies 9th place in the East
⛹🏽‍♂️ Hosts have lost just one of their 12 home games in the past two months

While Orlando are fighting for an important victory in the playoffs, the season has been going on for the Knicks for quite some time. Instead, it is more tempting to win as many games as possible in order to continue to secure the best chances in the Draft next June as the worst team in the league. In Orlando Magic against New York Knicks, the tip is at home win, the betting odds are very meager, therefore, a handicap bet with – 9.5 for the home side is selected.

Betting Tips: Win Orlando Magic (-9.5)
Odds: 1.52

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