Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets Basketball Betting Tips 16/04/2019

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The third against the Sixth from the East is the mating between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. In the first game last weekend, the hosts conceded a surprising defeat, making the home advantage in the series is again perdu. After years of rebuilding, the Pennsylvania franchise is hoping to reap the rewards of this work, and the odds of a deep run in the playoffs are very good at first glance.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets Basketball Betting Tips

The squad is excellently equipped and with Joel Embiid the most important man is available after an injury. The center is one of the nominees for the MVP election of the year and shines not only with the league’s top four point scores, but also with the second most rebounds to Drummond from the Pistons.
His net rating of over eleven makes it clear how important he is for the club. But first, he seems to have been beaten and secondly, the great shortcoming in the 76ers in the first match was clear: It lacks the width in the squad. Read on that the bank of the Nets had a balance of 59:26 against the second row of the hosts. With 12 percent was also the hit rate of Downunder at the Phillies underground and just under 70 percent in the throws of the line is also more G-League level.

Of course, before the second match the pressure is already high. They are still favored in the Philadelphia 76ers against Brooklyn Nets odds. The tip, however, is in opposition – on the next victory of the guests, with a handicap of + 11.5 on Brookklyn is played. Tip-Off is at 02:00 in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

Philadelphia 76ers – Statistics & Current Form

The Philadelphia 76ers have been sharing a very old record since this season: with the San Antonio Spurs reaching the playoffs for the 22nd time in a row, there is another team that has such an extraordinary series. In recent years, it was rather the exception that the 67ers were allowed to play the postseason. So the qualification succeeded in the past year for the first time again after five previously futile attempts.

This was also the first round survived, but in the semifinals, the Boston Celtics proved to be too big a hurdle, which moved into the final of the Conference 4-1. The current squad is not only named by the aforementioned Joel Embiid this season as outstanding, but by various other players. One example is Ben Simmons, the first pick of the Draft 2016. After being named “Rookie of the Year” last year, he has seamlessly joined his very good performances this season. As a reward, the Australian was even appointed to the NBA All Star for the first time in his young career. In the first game of the series, he remained behind with only nine points strong behind his season performance and seven rebounds are also below average.

Even more disappointing was Tobias Harris, who was snatched away by the Los Angeles Clippers a few weeks ago thanks to a completely unexpected midseason trade. Although the small forward had worked well in the regular season and posted the team’s second-best point cut (18.2) after the end of the regular season after Embiid – along with Jimmy Butler, there was not much to see on Saturday night. Lean four points were in the end on the account of the small forward. In addition, although Embiid played solid, but his injury is definitely not over yet.

The Cameroonian Center played only 24 minutes, and now there is still some trouble waiting for him, as he was caught while playing on the bench while watching the smartphone of teammate Amir Johnson. Coach Brett Brown showed in the subsequent press conference little amused about this unprofessional behavior. The only bright spot in the disappointing start was the aforementioned Jimmy Butler, who scored 36 points. He almost doubled his regular season’s cut (18.7) and set a personal career high for the postseason. The small forward and fourfold All-Star has also been under contract with the three-time champion since this season, and was wheeled by the Minnesota Timberwolves after the start of the season, with three players and one more second-round pick in return ,

Last results from Philadelphia 76ers:

⛹🏽‍♂️ 13.04.2019 – Philadelphia 76ers Vs. Brooklyn Nets 102: 111 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 11.04.2019 – Philadelphia 76ers Vs. Chicago Bulls 125: 109 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 10.04.2019 – Miami Heat Vs. Philadelphia 76ers 122: 99 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 07.04.2019 – Chicago Bulls Vs. Philadelphia 76ers 96: 116 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 05.04.2019 – Philadelphia 76ers Vs. Milwaukee Bucks 122: 128 (NBA)

Brooklyn Nets – Statistics & Current Form

The Nets in the playoffs – a development that hardly anyone had on the list. The franchise, which last year only finished 12th in the East in the final billing, still has a playfully limited squad on, but the troupe convinced by a great harmony on the court and an irrepressible will. Properties that are still very important in modern basketball and can make all the difference. The first game of the series was a perfect example.

As a stroke of luck proved the commitment of the point guard D’Angelo Russel, who came in the last off-season of the Los Angeles Lakers. That he is now in the playoffs and not his former club, he certainly would not have dreamed. In Brooklyn Russel delivered a very good season and was with 21.1 points the most accurate scorer of the club. His high game intelligence can be read in turn on his average seven assists before the postseason. Defensive work is still possible at “Dloading”, but at the age of 23, the second pick of 2015 is just at the beginning of his career. Thanks to his good performance, he was also named All Star this year, albeit only to replace the injured Victor Oladipo. With 26 points in the last game he was once again the best scorer of his team and it seems that the pressure of the playoffs hardly makes him nervous.

Coach Kenny Atkinson has also been able to return to Spencer Dinwiddie for some time now, giving him another very good point guard on hand. Also, the delivered against the 76ers from a very good performance. In addition, shortly before the start of the playoffs Caris LeVert has returned to the squad after his very long injury break, which had put him out of action for almost a quarter of a year. That the Shooting Guard definitely helps the team, he proved towards the end of the regular season and in the first playoff game, it was now more than clear: 23 points and thus the second best yield after Russel and 100 percent in the three attempts from outside, talk a clear language. Power forward Ed Davis was also strong, with 13 defensive boards brought most in the match and played impressively in defense of the Nets.

Last results from Brooklyn Nets:

⛹🏽‍♂️ 13.04.2019 – Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets 102:111 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 11.04.2019 – Brooklyn Nets vs. Miami Heat 113:94 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 07.04.2019 – Indiana Pacers vs. Brooklyn Nets 96:108 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 06.04.2019 – Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets 128:133 (NBA)
⛹🏽‍♂️ 04.04.2019 – Brooklyn Nets vs. Toronto Raptors 105:115 (NBA)

Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets – Head to Head Statistics

In the four duels before the postseason, both teams each came to two victories. The 76ers and Nets faced each other in Wells Fargo Center at the end of March and the hosts prevailed with 123: 110. This was the revenge for the previous home game, which was lost last December just 124: 127. The recent duel took place last Saturday and ended with a victory for the Nets, who have won three of their last six appearances. Despite the results, at Philadelphia 76ers against Brooklyn Nets odds for a tip fall back quite clearly in favor of the Pennsylvania team.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets Basketball Betting Tips

If you look at the starting five of the 76ers, it quickly becomes clear why they were among the best teams in regular time. With Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons they have two current all-stars in their ranks and with Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris two more high-caliber on board. On the bench, however, the franchise lacks the depth with playfully averaging actors such as Jonathon Simmons or T. J. McConnell. To be excluded would be Mike Scott, who can be an option as a role player in the Crunchtime always above all by his marksmanship at the threes (almost 39%).

In the first game, he was just as a failure with only one successful throw distance in eight attempts. Overall, the team had a lot of trouble and several players like Harris, Simmons or Shooting Guard JJ Redick did not keep up with the playoff pressure. Embiid also does not seem to be fit again, as demonstrated by his relatively short running time. Alone Jimmy Butler played very well, but of course that’s not enough.

The Nets went back to where they left off in regular time. With a closed team effort, the playful deficit was more than offset against the host. They also have the much stronger bank, which gained over 30 points more. The clutch is in the case of the Nets so the team! The better width of the squad can be further noted that six players met with double digits, while it was only half as many in the home side.

Key Facts – Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets tips

🏀 Philadelphia lost the first game at home with 102: 111
🏀 The hosts had a domestic win rate of just under 76% in the regular season
🏀 Joel Embiid on the 76ers will be playing, but he was still beaten in Game 1
🏀 Bank of the Nets clearly scores the hosts in the first game with 59:26

Obviously, in addition, the clean guards on the Nets in the guise of Russel, Dinwiddie and LeVert were a big problem for the 76ers’ defensive. Although those under the basket delivered a solid performance and blocked, for example, more than five times as often, but off-paint sniper were often not delivered well enough. A pattern that has already been observed in the games in the regular season. In the upcoming second game at the Wells Fargo Center, at Philadelphia 76ers vs Brooklyn Nets, betting odds are heading home, but the betting base once again trusts the New Yorkers. For this reason, the Philadelphia 76ers – Brooklyn Nets tip is that there will be at least a close match and the guests will win, including a handicap of +11.5.

Betting Tips: Win Brooklyn Nets (+ 11.5)
Odds: 1.53

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