Pieno Zvaigzdes vs Vytautas

Where we have a confrontation between two teams of middle level of this championship.

These are two teams that are expected to enter the low playoff places but do not have great future aspirations unless they can get their place in low-level European competitions.

It is true and well known that the Lithuanian championship is dominated by two teams Rytas and Zalgiris (more for the Greens these days),

with a team knocking on the door in Liektabelis and then there are several teams that can be boring like Juventus, Neptunas and on good days these two that face each other today.

This is a championship also dominated by the house factor and if we are to see the favorites win almost always statistically speaking.

I was to see the rosters of the two sets and there are names that stand out to me, taking some old acquaintances of the Lithuanian championship.

At the level of results the Pieno has two wins in four games played while Vytautas has not yet won this season.

(The reality is that Vytautas has a complicated calendar start). To play at home the Pieno won both games and I hope another win.
Prognosis Pieno Zvaigzedes vs Vytautas:

In conclusion, Pieno is given as a favorite and well by bookmakers. It probably will not be such an easy game but I think they should win.

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