Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets Basketball Betting Tips 10/05/2019

The Denver Nuggets have a match ball in the sixth game of the series against the Portland Trail Blazers. Thanks to a sovereign 124: 98 they took the lead on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday and are only one more victory away to the final of the Western Conference. Center Nikola Jokic once again excelled in the blowout, but also one of the few veterans of the team in the form of Paul Millsap presented himself in top form.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets Basketball Betting Tips

In the first half of the game alone, he scored 19 points. In the end, Millsap stood at 24 points and showed only one less than Jokic. As impressive as his work in the offensive was his work under his own basket, where he cleared eight defensive boards. Portland had little chance in the match from the start and now stands with his back to the wall. Courage can make the Blazers the home record: The defeat in the penultimate game was the first home defeat after previously twelve wins in a row and the first in the postseason. At the meeting of the Portland Trail Blazers against the Denver Nuggets, the odds Portland also has the role of favorites. However, the tip goes to the guests, with a handicap of + 7.5 is played.

Portland Trail Blazers – Statistics & Current Form

Having been very close in the series so far, especially in the third encounter, which only ended happily for the Blazers four times, the final duel was a clear affair for Denver. For Portland, it was the biggest defeat in this year’s postseason and a swatter that they had not experienced for a very long time. You have to look back to December 26 of last year and the guest appearance at the Utah Jazz to discover a higher defeat. It could have been even worse, but Denver screwed back a few gears towards the end of the game, bringing down some players to give the Starting Five additional breather.

Coach Terry Stotts will now be hoping that the Nuggets will deliver a poor sixth game against the Spurs, as in the previous series, but the signs are slim after the final duel. The Blazers were inferior in many areas in the match, but especially the weakness of the free throw line, as Portland sent only about 53 percent of the 30 attempts by the Reuse, as well as a clear inferiority in the rebounds – 70:55 for the Nuggets – gave the Rash for the high bankruptcy.

In addition, the fact that Ramadan has begun, could now have an influence: With the Turkish -born Enes Kanter Terry Stotts has a center in the squad, the day fasting by his own admission and thus could get quite a physical problem. The completion of training sessions, for example, without drinking or eating before or after a short time, is probably not ideal at least from a sport-scientific perspective as preparation for the evening’s games, which take place on an extremely exhausting performance level. His most recent performance was certainly weak: he came only to seven points, well below the previous cut of 16 counters in the series against the troupe from Colorado. In addition, his rate dropped from the field to a value of 22.2%. Best Scorer was once again Damian Lillard with 22 points, but also played only solid for his ratios, and especially in the litters from outside had little success – only two out of nine attempts found their way into the basket.

Last results from Portland Trail Blazers:

🏀 08.05.2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers 124: 98 (NBA)
🏀 06.05.2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets 112: 116 (NBA)
🏀 4/5/2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets 140: 137 (OT) (NBA)
🏀 02.05.2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers 90:97 (NBA)
🏀 30.04.2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers 121: 113 (NBA)

Denver Nuggets – Statistics & Current Form

Mike Malone is more than happy with his team’s recent appearance. The goal now is to avoid another seventh game. Although he has a very young team, which is physically very strong, but with a possibly subsequent conference final against the Houston Rockets or the champion from Oakland in mind, it is with the forces to budget. After all, the last away game was won at Portland and the previous defeat was as described very tight, as they surrendered only after four times extra time.

Leaving Malone can continue on his center Nikola Jokic, who comes on average 26.4 points against the Blazers and also defensively strong. Strong 13 rebounds in the defense were alone in the last match. A yield that was just four boards lower compared to the number that the opposing Starting Five had in total. After all, it was the defensive rebounds that were an important factor in the victory. Because the above-mentioned obesity of the nuggets resulted mainly by it. So the balance was very clear in favor of Denver with 52:31.

In addition, convinced again the oldie Paul Millsap, who plays well against Portland extra well. The Power Forward averaged 19 points, well ahead of the 12.6 regular season cut and 14.8 points in the postseason. It is obvious that the experienced player, with the high pressure of the playoffs due to his long career, in which he has already experienced this several times, can handle particularly well. At Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets also offer the odds on a again hochscoriges result of the two offensive clubs.

Last results from Denver Nuggets:

🏀 08.05.2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers 124: 98 (NBA)
🏀 06.05.2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets 112: 116 (NBA)
🏀 4/5/2019 – Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets 140: 137 (OT) (NBA)
🏀 02.05.2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers 90:97 (NBA)
🏀 30.04.2019 – Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers 121: 113 (NBA)

Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets – Head to Head Statistics

In the series it is after the last match 3-2 for Denver and Portland could so far decide one of the two home games for themselves. However, the victory was very happy, as he was only after a four-fold extension in the bag. A scenario that first existed in the NBA in 1953 between the Boston Celtics and Syracuse Nationals. The Nuggets last time in the Moda Center they won again with 116: 112. Also in the regular season there was at the home games of the Blazers in the context of this pairing a win for both opponents. In the coming match between the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets, the home side are moderately in front in the odds.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets Our Basketball Betting Tips

Portland have to win the match to save themselves at least in a seventh game in the series. Recently, however, the franchise against the Nuggets came badly under the wheels and conceded the highest bankruptcy in the calendar year so far. For Portland, the initial situation is also a test that it had to deal with in the previous series against Oklahoma yet. An experience, on the other hand, the guests already know, albeit in negative connotation, as they lost against the Spurs the sixth game quite clearly. However, the heavy series against San Antonio has put the team well and one reason is certainly the young average age of Denver, which is thus physically particularly resilient.

Key Facts – Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets tips

⛹🏽‍♂️ Denver can move in with a win in the final in the West
⛹🏽‍♂️ Portland’s only home game win in the third game of the series featured a four-game extension
⛹🏽‍♂️ Nuggets clearly won the final game 124: 98
⛹🏽‍♂️ Nikola Jokic has the most rebounds in the postseason with 13.1 per match

At the same time, the nuggets in the postseason benefit from the experience of Paul Millsap: the 34-year-old is a perfect mentor to the juvenile troupe, in which various players complete their first postseason. His great expertise is enormously valuable to the team and compensates for the lack of inexperience a little bit. For the guests also speaks that the previously only defeat in the Moda Center in Portland was historically scarce and the pressure on the home side many times higher. At Portland Trail Blazers Vs. Denver Nuggets still point the odds towards a home win, but the tip is limited to this judgment. So he goes to the guest team, for which a handicap of + 7.5 is selected.

Betting Tips: Win Denver Nuggets (+7.5)
Odds: 1.56

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