San Pablo Burgos vs Estudiantes

In confrontation will be a novice to the highest level in San Pablo Burgos to play against the Estudiantes de Madrid in a match that will certainly be very high pace according to the profiles that the two teams present at the beginning of the season.

The Burgos arrives from LEB Oro and assimilated a very interesting squad for this new project.

The arrival of several foreign athletes and the use of loans from young players of top teams will certainly be very beneficial for this start of high running.

They are a team that only has losses in their record so far but they have not been atrocities, offensively they have been very willing.

Currently they are the worst set at the defensive level which should help our bet.

The Estudiantes were a team that I can say that surprised me the complete one in their last exhibition in the European competitions. A very solid set with very experienced players who are offensively extremely discerning.

They are a team that defensively has some problems and can easily suffer in the 80 points against any opponent but are also a set capable of 90 points in a day.
Prognosis San Pablo Burgos vs Estudiantes:

I think we will have a lively match with clear favoritism for the Estudiantes experience. The fact that they had a difficult match in Greece midweek can help their level of fatigue.

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