Schalke 04 vs Rogue Betting Predictions and Odds LEC Spring 2020 – Esports

Schalke 04 vs Rogue Betting Predictions and Odds LEC Spring 2020 - Esports

Schalke 04 vs Rogue Betting Predictions and Odds LEC Spring 2020 – Esports

Will Schalke 04 end the season with a win?

This weekend, the last game day will be played in the European premier class of LoL esports. The six Playoff teams have already been determined, but the positioning in the table is also important because the first two places are already in the semi-finals.

Rogue Esports is one of these playoff teams and has to compete against the German team Schalke 04 at the end of the regular season. If the game looks like a clear thing when you look at the table, a duel at eye level awaits us.
Over the past few weeks, Schalke have gathered together after a catastrophic season and are in good shape. Rogue has the role of favorite, but the betting base sees the match between Schalke 04 and Rogue as an opportunity to place a tip on the outsider.

Schalke 04 vs Rogue Livestream – Where?

📺 TV / Livestream: Twitch (Official Channel: LEC)

On Saturday, March 28th, 2020, the last day of the LEC Spring Season 2020 will open with the Match Schalke against Rogue. The matches on Twitch can be followed in English from 5 p.m. on the official LEC channel.

LEC Spring 2020 – Matchday 9, March 28, 2020 – Matches

🇩🇪 Schalke 04 – Rogue 🇺🇸
🇩🇪 SK – Excel 🇬🇧
🇪🇸 Origen – MAD Lions 🇪🇸
🇬🇧 Fnatic – Vitality 🇫🇷
🇺🇸 Misfits – G2 🇪🇸

Schalke 04 – Statistics & current form

The royal blue are back in shape. After the hope-bearer “Forg1ven” left the team after the weak start to the season and his substitution, those responsible at Schalke reacted correctly. With two talents from their own second team, Schalke is now on an upward trend.

The playoffs can no longer be reached, but of the four weakest teams in the league, Schalke 04 is definitely the strongest at the moment. Most recently, the miners took three wins in a row against SK Gaming, Misfits and Vitality. The Sololaner “Odoamne”, who acts as a team leader with his experience, and the German “Abbedagge” performed very well.

Will Schalke 04 end the season with a win?

On the last matchday, Schalke 04 has two top opponents in front of their chest. First of all, it is against none other than the defending champion and current league leader G2 Esports. In the first leg Schalke even surprisingly won against the World Cup finalists, but despite the performance increase this feat is not expected again.

But a win should be possible in the second match of the game day. In the game between Schalke 04 and Rogue, a tip is recommended given the odds, because Schalke has chances and the odds are appealing.

Can Schalke 04 be expected in summer 2020?

The Spring Season 2020 is a disappointment for the German organization because the primary goal of reaching the playoffs was not achieved. Nevertheless, the team has made significant progress in the past few weeks and therefore Schalke 04 can be expected in summer 2020. If the roster stays together, the royal blues are definitely playoff candidates in summer.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇨🇦 Dylan Falco
Players: 🇷🇴 Odoamne, 🇩🇪 Lurox, 🇩🇪 Abbedagge, 🇧🇬 Innaxe, 🇰🇷, Republic of Dreams

Rogue – Statistics & current form

Rogue has been one of the hottest new LEC teams in the past season. An unexpected 3-0 victory over Splyce caused a sensation. With the signing of “Hans sama” Rogue was one of the top teams this season.

At the moment, the troupe around Toplaner “Finn” shares fifth place in the LEC together with Misfits. Rogue is already in the playoffs, but this roster is certainly not satisfied with fifth or sixth place. Most recently, Rogue suffered two clear losses against the two top teams in the league, G2 and Fnatic.
Is Rogue a contender?

Given the recent results, the answer to this question is easy. No, Rogue is not seen as a contender for the title. Rogue had no chance against the top teams and Rogue is no more dangerous in Bo5 mode. The semi-finals are possible, but the troops are unlikely to win the title.

Where does Rogue end up?

Compared to the eighth game day, Rogue has two easier tasks at the end. With SK Gaming, the currently weakest team in the league is waiting for “Hans sama” and his team.

Compared to the two competitors MAD Lions and Misfits, Rogue has the simplest remaining program and probably expects two wins. Therefore fourth place is possible for Rogue, if Schalke 04 does not prove to be a stumbling block. A tie-breaker against MAD Lions is also a realistic prediction. Rogue is strongly favored against Schalke 04, so a tip on the miners is interesting.

Team Roster:

Coach: 🇬🇧 fredy122
Players: 🇸🇪 Finn, 🇵🇱 Inspired, 🇸🇪 Larssen, 🇫🇷 Hans sama, 🇵🇱 Vander

Schalke 04 vs Rogue Odds Comparison

🕹 Betting Prediction: Schalke 04
👾 Odds: 2.75
🕹 Betting Prediction: Rogue
👾 Odds: 1.40

Schalke 04 vs Rogue Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Tipsters

In this match, the bookmakers agree: Between Schalke 04 and Rogue, the betting odds are clearly on Rogue’s side. For the betting base, this match offers the outsider tip on Schalke 04. Both the individual matchups against the Sololaner von Rogue, as well as the latest team appearances by Schalke justify a tip on the royal blue. In addition, unlike Rogue, Schalke is not under pressure in this match, which can also generate a psychological advantage.

The duel on the top lane between “Odoamne” and “Finn” is particularly interesting. This is where a veteran of the LEC, who is currently in strong shape, meets an aspiring youngster. If “Odoamne” succeeds in dominating the duel with “Finn”, it looks good for Schalke.

Schalke 04 vs Rogue Best odds – LEC Spring 2020

🕹 Betting Prediction: Schalke 04
👾 Odds: 2.81
🕹 Betting Prediction: Rogue
👾 Odds: 1.42

Schalke 04 vs Rogue tips

Rogue is fighting for placement in the playoffs in the last game
Schalke 04 can end the failed season with a win over Rogue
Rogue has lost the last two matches, Schalke has been unbeaten in three games

In the opening match of the last game day between Schalke 04 and Rogue, the betting base recommends a tip on the outsider Schalke 04 at odds of around 2.75. The German team is on the upswing and is in no way inferior to Rogue; the bet is played with four units.

First blood bets on the royal blue are also interesting. On March 28, 2020 Schalke 04 and Rogue will open the last day of the regular season of the LEC from 5 p.m. Next week, the LEC will start the playoffs to determine the Spring Champion 2020 and also the European representative at the MSI 2020.

Schalke 04 vs Rogue Betting odds & other interesting bets at a glance:

Schalke 04 gets the First Blood

🕹 Betting Prediction: Yes
👾 Odds: 2.00
🕹 Betting Prediction: No
👾 Odds: 1.72

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