Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic Basketball Betting Tips 17/04/2019

Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic Basketball Betting Tips

Game 2 for the series between Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic! The hosts collected an unexpected defeat in the first match against the Florida squad. It’s not so new that the Raptors start slowly. Thus, Toronto has a disastrous record of two wins and 14 defeats at the beginning of a postseason. However, they remain the favorite in the duel since they ended the regular season in second place behind the Milwaukee Bucks in the east, while the Orlando Magic only reached the postseason in seventh place. In addition, the defeat was barely 101: 104 and the decisive bucket of D. J. Augustin in favor of Orlando fell just four seconds before the final siren.

Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic Basketball Betting Tips

Kawhi Leonard then had the chance to draw, but his throw failed. Due to the defeat, the rapeseed must now necessarily win a victory. The Toronto Raptors vs. Orlando Magic odds also point in their direction, but the tip is again on the guests, but a handicap of + 13.5 is selected. The victory was surprising at first glance, because Orlando has been in good shape for weeks. Read on 22 achievements from the last 31 games of the regular season.

Toronto Raptors – Statistics & Current Form

In the Canadian metropolis, the hopes this year are extremely high that it reaches for the first time in the history of the franchise to reach the finals. In recent years, the Cleveland Cavaliers have always been the final stop, twice in the semi-finals in the East and three years ago in the Conference finals. Already in the last season, the Raptors were very well on the way and ended the regular season even as a table first.

To make it even better in the postseason, they brought in the summer with Kawhi Leonard one of the superstars of the league from San Antonio, who could now make the difference to recent years. With the sixth playoff participation in the piece, Toronto definitely has a lot of experience in postseason.

The Claw has so far met his expectations. It’s easy to see that the 2014 NBA champion, the Spurs, was voted into the NBA All-Star team for the third time in his career this season. His 26 points on average until the playoffs are of course a clear announcement. A value in addition – only six players in the NBA exceeded. But what makes him so special is his additional very good defensive abilities. In the final game, he again delivered a strong performance, although he was denied compensation as a buzzer-beater.

Pascal Siakam, who made his breakthrough for the Raptors this season, also played strong. The Cameroon power forward scored 24 points against Orlando, just one point less than superstar Kawhi Leonard. But he disappointed with the three, because all four attempts were unsuccessful. However, Siakam worked very efficiently under his own basket and got, for example, the team’s second most defensive rebounds. Here was also Kyle Lowry pretty well on the way, but on the offensive he caught a raven-black day: zero of seven attempts from the field and two missed free throws – if the defeat bears a name, then it was undoubtedly his. At least he was able to retrieve the assist strength with eight assists, as is well known, a core competence of him, since he had beaten only 8.7 during the regular season in this standings only Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma.

Last results from Toronto Raptors:

🏀 13.04.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Orlando Magic 101: 104 (NBA)
🏀 10.04.2019 – Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Toronto Raptors 100: 120 (NBA)
🏀 07.04.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Miami Heat 117: 109 (OT) (NBA)
🏀 06.04.2019 – Charlotte Hornets Vs. Toronto Raptors 113: 111 (NBA)
🏀 04.04.2019 – Brooklyn Nets Vs. Toronto Raptors 105: 115 (NBA)

Orlando Magic – Statistics & Current Form

While the Raptors have a high level of playoff experience as described, this is not the case with the Magic. The two-time winner of the conference has always been a Zaungast in the past six seasons, which is why the entry into the play-offs for Orlando is already a great success. This was achieved by very good performances in the second half of the season, as Orlando continued to increase and finally solved the ticket for the postseason. Coach Steve Clifford, who took over the office only last summer, has formed from the troupe now a conspiratorial unity, which is indeed unspectacular, but works well as a team.

Matchwinner with his threesome just before the end of the game was D. J. Augustin, who despite his steady good performance in his career has always remained slightly below the media radar. The Power Forward scores in contrast to many other players of the club with the very large experience, after all, he is active for over ten years in the NBA and graduated, for example, with the Indiana Pacers 2013 a postseason to the Conference finals. That this is an important factor in the playoffs, could be well recognized in the game. So he played very easy and ended up with 25 points. He may also be particularly motivated against rape, having been under contract there for a very short time over five years before being handed over to Chicago after just ten games.

Last results of Orlando Magic:

🏀 13.04.2019 – Toronto Raptors Vs. Orlando Magic 101: 104 (NBA)
🏀 11.04.2019 – Charlotte Hornets Vs. Orlando Magic 114: 122 (NBA)
🏀 08.04.2019 – Boston Celtics Vs. Orlando Magic 108: 116 (NBA)
🏀 06.04.2019 – Orlando Magic Vs. Atlanta Hawks 149: 113 (NBA)
🏀 04.04.2019 – Orlando Magic Vs. New York Knicks 114: 100 (NBA)

Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic – Head to Head Statistics

In the regular season, Toronto and Orlando each achieved two victories in this pairing. The clubs each won a home game and a guest appearance. The first game of the playoff series last weekend Orlando won with 104: 101 for themselves. The Toronto Raptors vs. Orlando Magic, however, now again show the hosts the role of favorites in a clear way.

Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic Basketball Betting Tips

The Toronto Raptors are still a comparatively young franchise that was founded in 1995. Since then, it has never worked with the title and before this season, a fresh start was started. This first saw a change on the bench before. Now Nick Nurse takes the job, but the club knows well, since he already assisted under Dwayne Casey, who in turn is employed by the Pistons from D Town.

The decisive move was the obligation of the small forward Kawhi Leonhard. Together with the shooting guard Danny Green, who in turn was fetched from a distance mainly because of his strength in the throws, changed the three-time All Star from sunny San Antonio in the far north and with him it is finally with the first title in club history fold. The first match of the series was lost but once, albeit only just. The raps have quickly realized that Orlando has no supernumerary, but just can not be beaten in passing.
The troupe from Florida has taken the positive momentum from the very good end of the season in the playoffs and still scores with a very strong defensive. How good this is, is shown in the fact that the Raptors for the first time after nine games under 110 points remained. Furthermore, Orlando has a strong bank.

Key Facts – Toronto Raptors vs Orlando Magic Tips

⛹🏽‍♂️ Raptors have reached the playoffs for the sixth time in a row
⛹🏽‍♂️ Before the postseason, the Canadians were the second-best team in the NBA
⛹🏽‍♂️ Balance of the duel during regular time: 2: 2

While the Raptors Leonard and Siakam have made almost half of all points, Orlando is broader. Seven players have scored double-digit – two more than Toronto. It is also expected that in the second game Nikola Vucevic will lose his nervousness from the first match and will perform much better. The center had previously completed a playoff game over seven years ago in his career and has performed very strongly in the regular season. So he was first nominated for All-Star and put down a cut of just under 21 points and 12 rebounds per game. Values ​​that he has now missed once, but this was probably more due to the unfamiliar playoff pressure and also he was in health the days before injured.

In the upcoming match between the Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic, however, the odds are expected to favor the home side again. However, as a close match is expected again due to the strength of the winner of the first game, the Toronto Raptors vs. Orlando Magic is the guests who win, but also get 13.5 points ahead of them.

Betting Tips: Win Orlando Magic (+ 13.5)
Odds: 1.53

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