Tottenham vs Dortmund


Tottenham The Spurs are a strong team, a team that in recent years has struggled to be champion in the Premier League …

And that just needs some affirmation in this Champions that has not really happened.

The Spurs have a good squad, has undergone little change over last season and will surely be a team to take into account.

At home are pretty strong very offensive and with Kane and company, expect to get goals at any time.

This game will be of a huge degree of difficulty and with Real Madrid also in the group, the Spurs know that this game can be crucial and they have to win to not lose ground since the opening day.


Dortmund The Germans are a strong team, a team that in the Champions already has good experience and that usually walks in the Eighth, Quarterfinals of this competition.

Last year they reached the quarters but lost to a Super Monaco who played quite well on the undercard. Dortmund this year started the championship well, the pre-season was no big deal,

but the team in the official games has played good football which leaves Dortmund fans optimistic about the future.

Dortmund are on par with Real Madrid the strongest candidates to move forward in this group, although Tottenham have a say.
Prediction Tottenham vs Dortmund:

Great game in perspective. Two offensive teams, who like to attack and always play in the direction of the opposing goal. It is not a game that goes from now to decide something,

but none of them wants to lose and I admit the will to win of both. I expect a game with goals, with some excitement and with both teams giving a good show.

It is difficult to decipher which of the two will win this game, because they have approximate value and perhaps Dortmund is a little higher. I see an open game with both teams looking for the goal and when it does,

the more than 2.5 goals turns out to be a good bet.


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