Leeds vs Birmigham

The team occupy the second place the table, not yet lost in the championship after 6 games and comes from thrashing Burton on the last day by expressive 5-0.

The explanation for the good start of the season of this team may be in their attack that shows very effective in these first days as it already has 12 goals scored in 6 games in an average of 2 goals per game.

The team’s excellent start to the season is making them forget the heartbreak that was the last season where the team finished in the playoffs, 7th.

On the other side we will have a Birmigham that despite having hired a lot of people has not yet met in this championship and after 6 days only adds a triumph to the Bristol which is a tie that brings the team to this 7th day with 4 points in 21st place.

Last season the Birmigham team finished the championship in the last half of the table.

Against my pick plays the fact that Leeds have only won once at home this same Birmigham in the last 6 games that played in the condition of anfintrião. In addition the only two Leeds draws this season were also awarded at home.

In the same sense of my pick is the fact that this midweek journey put in this game a team that goes to the second consecutive game at home against another that goes to the second consecutive game outside

which with little time of rest can lead to greater wear in the Birmigham team compared to the Leeds team.

Finally, Birmigham have lost all three of their away games this season and have only scored goals in 2 out of 6 games so far in the competition.
Prognosis Leeds vs Birmigham:

Playing at home, through fatigue, fitness and the course of the team in the last season I think that Leeds is clear favorite to victory in this game although in recent seasons has had some difficulties against this opponent,

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