UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Groups Football Predictions

UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Groups

From March to November 2019, the group matches take place in the ten UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying groups. There is nothing like it was before. 60 years after the founding of the European Championships in football, the tournament does not take place in one country (or, in the case of Ukraine and Poland in 2012, Austria and Switzerland in 2008 or Belgium and the Netherlands in two countries), but in twelve in Europe Cities in Europe and Asia, before the European Championship 2020 will be determined at the Wembley Stadium in London in the United Kingdom from the semifinals. At the same time as at the EURO 2016 in France, there will again be 24 teams, which will be distributed among the six preliminary groups. Thus, for the second time in the history of the European Championship, there is also a round of sixteenth finals, in which a number of the group’s third rounds will also be relegated.

UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifying Groups Betting Predictions & Odds

But not only for the European Championship itself, but also a few more novelties and a again not very straightforward system with not at first glance transparent computational games, but also for the qualification for the European Football Championship 2020 has changed a lot. For the first time, all 55 nations of UEFA will be in the qualifiers, with 20 teams qualifying through the main qualification path, the group stage that was drawn in Dublin on Sunday, while the remaining four teams will be in the 2018/19 UEFA Nations League which will, however, be known only in spring 2020. Because the tickets awarded through these playoffs games will not be finalized until spring 2020, while the draw of the final six UEFA Euro groups is scheduled for early December 2019, it could lead to final confusion by April 1, 2020 an April Fool’s joke of a special kind is performed. For this day, when people are usually sent with small pranks in April, the UEFA has namely scheduled another European Championship draw, which in unfavorable constellations in the playoffs, if necessary, could turn everything upside down again.

All the changes, the incomprehension of the participating nations, who naturally want to have planning security at an early stage, and also the increasing commercialization with a further 24 teams in the final round: The EURO 2020 is and remains a highly competitive competition involving all participating nations be measured. In the run-up to the draw of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying groups, there were once again a number of restrictions. For example, political in nature, so that there could not be a duel between Spain and Gibraltar, Russia and Ukraine or even Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while still some winter restrictions and long distances prevailed. From the third pot the computer had to pretend here and there because of all these restrictions, which could not be described beforehand because of the high complexity. In addition, with an unequal number of participants, a random team and the four teams that reached the 2019 semi-finals of the UEFA Nations League were given a group of only five teams, as they will face more competitive matches in the League of Nations this summer. All this, moreover, meant that if a non-excludable, certain constellation had become deadlocked, the draw would have to have been completely repeated or restarted. Fortunately, with all the confusion, at least that did not happen.

So these are the ten UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying groups that emerged from the draw on Sunday, December 2, 2018, in Dublin:

⭐️ Group A: England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo
⭐️ Group B: Portugal, Ukraine, Serbia, Lithuania, Luxembourg
⭐️ Group C: Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Belarus
⭐️ Group D: Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Georgia, Gibraltar
⭐️ Group E: Croatia, Wales, Slovakia, Hungary, Azerbaijan
⭐️ Group F: Spain, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Faroe Islands, Malta
⭐️ Group G: Poland, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, Macedonia, Latvia
⭐️ Group H: France, Iceland, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, Andorra
⭐️ Group I: Belgium, Russia, Scotland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, San Marino
⭐️ Group J: Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Greece, Armenia, Liechtenstein

In the following, we have dealt with the ten qualifying groups, in which the two group winners have a lot for the European Championship 2020 safe, a little more detailed. In conjunction with the current odds for the respective group winners, we are already providing you with a prediction for who in which group will probably be able to solve the ticket for the first European-wide finals of the European Football Championship 2020 as the front runner.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Qualification Group A? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ England 1:14
⚽️ Czech Republic 10.00
⚽️ Montenegro 21,00
⚽️ Bulgaria 34.0
⚽️ Kosovo 67.00

Of all the lots that would have been possible in the second lottery pot, the English national football team in the form of the Czech Republic certainly drew one of the more feasible nations. Although the troupe of since September 2018 in office coach Jaroslav Šilhavý in all six European Championships since the first time for the Euro 1996 independent appearance as the Czech Republic qualified for the finals, reached in England in 1996 even the final and 2004 in Portugal another semi-final, but currently the results at World Championships and more generally in the recent past are unlikely to be optimistic. In the last three world championships, the Czech Republic was not even there, while there was a very bitter preliminary round at the EURO 2016 in France, in which the Czechs were eliminated as a group last sang- and unceremoniously.

In short, an England that has just recently won the UEFA Nations League group four of league A ahead of Spain and runner-up Croatia will likely have excellent overall chances of clearly winning this group A of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers. For example, Montenegro and Kosovo are considered the outsiders of the game, while Bulgaria in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying could keep up with the Netherlands, France and Sweden here and there, but ultimately is not among the top nations in football. Accordingly, the “Three Lions” are rightly the big favorites in Group A, while the second European Championship ticket is likely to decide between the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. After the recent deteriorating performances of the Czechs, who also made it to the League B league in the League of Nations, we even see Bulgaria in the slightest advantage.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Qualification Group B? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Portugal 1.61
⚽️ Serbia 3.75
⚽️ Ukraine 4.50
⚽️ Lithuania 251.00
⚽️ Luxembourg 501.00

Defending champion Portugal can also complain little. Although there was a nominally strong rivalry with Ukraine, under coach and former legend Andriy Shevchenko has just been the rise in the UEFA Nations League A, all in all, the Portuguese national football team, itself the need of their group in League A of the Nations League before Italy and relegated Poland could win without defeat, but certainly not to hide from anyone. The two away games in Ukraine and Serbia will certainly not be easy for the Seleção das Quinas Tugas, but Fernando Santos’ squad playfully brings along a bit too much quality to seriously stumble.

Finally, the European champions of the year 2016, the group victory in the Nations League, although entirely had to be omitted superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who has taken a break from the Seleção Quinas Tugas to focus once fully on his new employer Juventus Torino can, with high probability, become the final stage in the superstar’s long and successful career. Similar to how the Euro 2020 should be his last big tournament in the jersey of the Seleção the Quinas Tugas. At the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the multiple World Player would finally be 37 years old. On CR7, Portugal is guaranteed to leave as soon as the going gets tough, so anything but the group win would be a big surprise. Behind it, we see the currently very playful and strong Ukraine clear advantage. Lithuania and Luxembourg are likely to be only points suppliers for the other three teams.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Quali Group C? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Germany 1.57
⚽️ Netherlands 2,37
⚽️ Northern Ireland 41.00
⚽️ Estonia 501.00
⚽️ Belarus 501.00

The fact that the German national football team slipped down after relegation from the UEFA Nations League Group A1 in Lostopf two meant that the first lottery pot could be a real hammock in the run-up to the draw. Although a somewhat easier opponent would have been possible with, for example, Poland or Switzerland, the Netherlands is certainly not the worst thing that could have happened to the DFB squad. For the EURO 2016 as well as for the 2018 World Cup, the Elftal finally pitted twice in their qualifying group and is still considered to be vulnerable these days. That does not change the fact that Oranje surprisingly prevailed in the first group of the league A of the Nations League ahead of World Champion France and European Championship 2020 Quali group opponents Germany as group winners and could move into the “Final Four” in the coming summer. The team of Ronald Koeman is facing a very difficult task against “the team”, especially since the men of Jogi Löw have now finally begun the much-needed rejuvenation cure and still have a big deal with the Netherlands.

Northern Ireland is not allowed to write off completely. The team of Michael O’Neill was indeed relegated from league B in the 2018/19 UEFA Nations League with four defeats from four games without singing and singing, but had first qualified for the first time at EURO 2016 in France for an European Championship final round and here, too, the group phase was safely overcome. Especially the home games in Belfast are likely to be difficult games for the Netherlands and Germany, while all these three teams, which are likely to duel for the two tickets for the EURO 2020, in the form of Estonia and Belarus still two nations from the category “feasible ” have received. Again, it will depend on whether one of the top three teams here points. Something that only rarely happened to the Germans in the final qualifiers for the big tournaments. Not least for that reason, in Group C we are tapping for the first time that the nation from Lostopf eins will not take the group victory, but rather go with the DFB selection of Jogi Löw. Behind this time, however, the Elftal was supposed to be able to qualify for a big tournament after two historic failures.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Quali Group D? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Switzerland 1,90
⚽️ Denmark 2.37
⚽️ Ireland 7.00
⚽️ Georgia 251.00
⚽️ Gibraltar 4501,00

From the paper here it is certainly one of the weakest groups that has emerged in the draw for the European Football Championship 2020 in Dublin. Remarkably, with the Republic of Ireland from Pot Three, which was initially drawn for Group C, but has been redistributed by the computer. Lucky for the Irish, who will definitely have chances to qualify for a European Championship against both Group Head Switzerland and World Cup Finalists Denmark.

In the question of the group winners of the European Championship 2010 Quali Group D, the Nati should still be very high in the course. Switzerland have already won nine out of their ten group matches in the 2018 qualifying rounds and were able to annoy, among others, a top nation like Brazil before the men of Vladimir Petković actually made it in the 2018/19 UEFA Nations League, to move into the “Final Four” tournament next summer 2019. As group winners in front of Belgium – at the Football World Cup 2018 at least third. Significantly, Switzerland managed a 5-2 home win over the “Red Devils” in the last group match in Luzern. That’s why Switzerland, in a fivefold group at first glance, is our hot candidate for the group win. Behind it should be between Denmark and Ireland, who had stood in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup in the playoffs against again, run out again to the direct comparison, because in the duels with the football giants Georgia and Gibraltar should probably hardly anyone seriously stumble. In the meantime, we see advantages in the fight for second place in Denmark, as long as superstars like Kaspar Schmeichel and Christian Eriksen remain injured and the defensive of the Northern Europeans is once again stable.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Quali Group E? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Croatia 1.40
⚽️ Wales 4.50
⚽️ Slovakia 10.00
⚽️ Hungary 17.00
⚽️ Azerbaijan 67.00

Vice-World Champion Croatia has had good luck in many ways in the draw of the EURO 2020 qualifying groups. First of all, the Kockasti were drawn as one of the six remaining teams from Lostopf One, which enjoys the privilege of a group of five and thus avoid two time-consuming matches against five of the absolute football gnomes like San Marino, Leichenstein or even Malta. On the other hand, Croatia has won a team from pot two in the form of Wales, which still profits from their sensational tournament in France in spite of only weak results. Thus, the Welsh ranking, which has brought the country in the League of Nations League B, resulting from the fact that the troupe around world star Gareth Bale at the EURO 2016 had advanced to the semi-finals. Against a top nation like vice-world champion Croatia, where Bale team-mate Luka Modric is far from being the only performer, Wales should not stand a chance.

At least behind it there were but from all three pots rather unpleasant opponents. Thus, instead of Slovakia – the last 16 of the EURO 2016 – from the third pot, Hungary – 2016 in France in the second round, after the preliminary round before Iceland, Portugal and Austria was surprisingly finished as group winners – from the fourth pot, and Azerbaijan from the fifth and last pot each also a much easier lot was possible. In the end, however, all of these nations have maximum chances of competing with Wales for second place in this European Championship qualifying Group E qualifier. Of course our favorite is Croatia, while behind us we are most likely to see Slovakia at the European Championship 2020 – simply because the squad has the best quality in our opinion.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Quali Group F? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Spain 1.16
⚽️ Sweden 9.00
⚽️ Romania 15,00
⚽️ Norway 17.00
⚽️ Faroe Islands 1001,00
⚽️ Malta 1001,00

The first group of six of the draw of the UEFA Euro 2019 Quali groups has received a highly prestigious group head with Spain. Also behind it, the group has become very attractive. Sweden was not only able to plunge the Italian national football team into a deep crisis in the play-offs for the 2018 World Cup, but also ended the match in the final round in Russia instead of Germany (although Blagult had a duel with the DFB squad with 1: 2) lost). In the UEFA Nations League Group B2, the Scandinavians last succeeded in addition to the promotion to League A, where it could theoretically come to further duels with the Spaniards, who in their turn were in second place only in the group A4 and after two wins to kick off suffered 2: 3 losses against England and Croatia.

In short, the Furia Roja could also be attacked by the Swedes, while Norway is another very handy opponent. For their part, the Norwegians have just risen in the UEFA Nations League C3 group and may now dream of better times than ever before, when Løvene (in German: Löwen) missed practically every major tournament since the 2000 European Championship , Last, but not least, Romania should not be left out. In Group C4 of the League, the troupe remained completely unbeaten in six games (three wins, three draws) and missed the rise only barely possible. For Spain, Sweden and Norway, the Tricolorii are a very unpleasant opponent, while only the football dwarves Faroe Islands and Malta can be excluded. Although Spain is undoubtedly one of the most successful nations of the current millennium, Group F certainly offers the potential for further big surprises when four nations have the nerve to get their tickets for the European Championship finals underway. In the end, the bet on the Spanish group victory is likely to be the most sustainable, while Sweden is currently the most deserved nation behind. In the end, however, many factors have to come together so that the two favorite teams in this difficult European Championship qualifying Group F qualify for the race.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Qualification Group G? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Poland 2,10
⚽️ Austria 2.37
⚽️ Slovenia 10,00
⚽️ Israel 13.00
⚽️ Macedonia 67,00
⚽️ Latvia 501.00

Since the group G is already much easier, if the two group heads are called Poland and Austria. Lots, which – if they were exchanged in the just discussed group F against Norway and Romania – would also have been no stronger than Spain and Sweden. So there is also the first qualifying group, which does not include a single team, which will belong to the twelve teams of the League A in the upcoming Nations League season. The Poles have just relegated there and the Austrians ultimately failed in Group B3 to Bosnia and Herzegovina and could next theoretically also have to play in the Nations League against Poland. In any case, both nations have landed the big litter in the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier, but they also have to playfully deliver in the easiest of all ten qualifying groups.

Israel and Macedonia may prove to be tough opponents, but in the end they only have outsider chances for the finals, while Latvia is likely to be the big point supplier here. Only Slovenia from Lostopf four has yet to be taken very seriously, although the team of Srečko Katanec in the Nations League Group C3 has just relegated. In the end, it should still result in the duel between Poland and Austria, in which on the one hand, the direct comparison will be important, and on the other hand, the aspect of who will leave against which of the supposedly small nations more points. With regard to the qualifying rounds of the last major tournaments, we clearly see the Poles in the advantage, after Austria had already landed in a disappointing fourth place in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup in a similarly qualifying group with Serbia, Ireland, Wales, Georgia and Moldova ,

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Quali Group H? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ France 1,16
⚽️ Iceland 10.00
⚽️ Turkey 10.00
⚽️ Albania 67,00
⚽️ Moldova 1001.00
⚽️ Andorra 4501,00

Vice-European champion and reigning World Champion France can not complain about this draw, as it was last time for the Équipe Tricolore a very difficult group in the 2018 World Cup qualifying. With Iceland, which has recently been clearly on the decline at both the World Cup in Russia and in the weak Nations League Group A, Pot Two has perhaps the easiest draw, although the away games in Reykjavik are easy to win for any opponent are where cold conditions and stormy winds in the winter to a day with more than 23 hours of sunlight in the summer, the conditions are hard to get used to. However, Iceland has not retracted the big victories for quite some time, although the Vikings even managed to win their qualifying group ahead of Croatia and Turkey in the run up to the 2018 World Cup, which is now ready for revenge.

At least vis-à-vis the Icelandic national football team, we also see Turkey slightly in the lead this time, even though last but not least Albania can not be completely written off. Already at the EURO 2016 in France, the team convinced with a number of good performances, which, however, were not enough to survive the preliminary round. Moldova and Andorra are the big underdogs, against whom it is mandatory for all other four teams to get the maximum point yield. Something with which Iceland just abroad might possibly struggle in the current constitution here and there. In the end, of course, we’ll be crystal clear on the French group victory, where only a few points should remain. Behind it, in our eyes, it is a three-way battle between Iceland, Turkey and Albania, where we attribute the best of opportunities to the Turks. Assuming that fresh from the UEFA Nations League Group B2 relegated Ay-Yıldızlılar recover as soon as possible from their latest negative series, in the context of which four games in series without a win – and above all without their own goal – very bad from the year Adopted in 2018.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Quali Group I? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Belgium 1.20
⚽️ Russia 5.00
⚽️ Scotland 21.00
⚽️ Cyprus 101,00
⚽️ Kazakhstan 501.00
⚽️ San Marino 4501,00

As third at the 2018 World Cup, the Belgian national football team is obviously the big favorite of Group I, especially as the “Red Devils” (nld “rode duivels”) have one of the best teams in the world. Almost all service providers are not only in the English Premier League, probably the strongest league in the world, under contract, but are in their clubs, the absolute achievers and cornerstones. It is no coincidence that Belgium has been at the top of the FIFA World Ranking in the recent past. The fact that here and there just not enough for big titles, or the last few percentage point, is a combination of many aspects. Initially lacking the coach who had what it takes to form a star ensemble to a real unit before Roberto Martínez, although managed the 2018 World Cup, but there against a tactically perfect set French national team had to notice the experience disadvantage of his team, the but after the paid apprenticeship money in the future a serious threat might be.

Although Belgium has just surprisingly gambled the draw into the “Final Four” of the League of Nations with a crashing 2: 5 defeat in Switzerland, in Group I we still see no nation that could be dangerous to the Belgians. Cyprus and Kazakhstan are towering outsiders, while San Marino is far behind even those two underdogs. After the Belgian group victory, which should only be a matter of form and is considered a very safe bet, it should therefore amount to a duel between Russia and Scotland for the second European Championship ticket. Russia was only able to build on the good World Cup in their own country in the Nations League, while Scotland has just made it to the Nations League League B, where both nations could face each other in the future. A duel so at eye level, in which the Russians are allowed to be wafer-thin.

Who will win the UEFA Euro 2020 Quali Group J? Betting Predictions & Odds

⚽️ Italy 1.25
⚽️ Bosnia and Herzegovina 5,50
⚽️ Greece 15,00
⚽️ Finland 17.00
⚽️ Armenia 101.00
⚽️ Liechtenstein 1001.00

In the last of the ten EURO 2020 qualifying groups, the Italian national football team continues to fight for redress. After the squadra Azzurra just missed the 2018 World Cup and just in the Nations League with just one win and only two goals scored from four games could secure the league in league A, the team of Roberto Mancini needs a sense of achievement. While at first glance this may only be a matter of form in this Group J, on the other hand it can be said that Bosnia and Herzegovina are another nation that will be in the UEFA League A League in the future. The Zmajevi clearly won in Group B3 with three wins and just one draw, which means that this Group I European Championship qualifier actually has two nations from the current top twelve European countries, which will not make the matter a natural success for Italy.

All the more bitter that in addition to the rather outsider Finns in the form of Greece, a former European champion (2004 in Portugal) has turned into this group J, which is also anything but easy to play. Only Armenia and Liechtenstein should be considered as absolute compulsory tasks for the remaining four nations, against which six points must be firmly scheduled. The big task for the Squadra Azzurra will be to learn to score again from the ground up, otherwise the group victory and the sovereign UEFA Euro 2020 qualification, which the country needs after the recent disappointments, can hardly be done. Although the tip for the overall victory of the Squadra Azzurra appears largely without alternatives, the odds for the group qualification of Bosnia and Herzegovina at a 5.50 * are so tempting that we would call here to low use quite a small side bet. The momentum brings after the great Nations League namely the team of Robert Prosinečki beyond doubt. At the latest behind it but then the highly favored Italians should make the race.

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