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And you’ve been strolling through the regular season, you notice they are very relaxed and do not force the thing. At home the team has already lost by 3 times what is strange, but there it is, in my opinion they are little motivated for the regular season.

But soon, Kevin Durant and company are playing at a good level lately and expect more of the same and at home the bank also tends to play a lot better than outside.

The Dallas Mavericks have a record of 8:20 and have had a time to forget, especially away from home where the team only won 2 of their 12 games and is currently in last place in the Western Conference.

It is true that the team is dealing with injuries but even more so was expected of this team, but it is noted that the talent is not much and that the old are no longer what they are,

especially Dirk Nowitzki who is a legend but this year is far below what it was and so there are no miracles for this team.
Prognosis Warriors vs. Mavericks:

This game will very much depend on what the GSW want to do, if the team wants to score 20 or 30 in these Mavericks without big problems and I believe that there is such a will at home, even if some players rest in the fourth period the home bench usually meets the your role, so I’m on the spread of the champions here.

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