Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship?UPDATE: Coronavirus outbreak sees Liverpool fixtures postponed as Premier League confirm season suspension!

Can Klopp take the Citizens from the throne with his Reds? Follow up our site PicksSoccer.com to be inform about the schedule, fixture and more information that you must know!

Klopp earned 97 points in 38 Premier League games (2.55 per game) with Liverpool last season. Liverpool still could not win the title, because the Guardiola proteges from Man City acted even stronger.

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship? According to current odds, the skyblues are again the big favorite for betting!

The last Premier League matchday was completed on May 12, 2019. The world’s strongest league returns after a break of almost three months. The Premier League is making some changes. The transfer market closes this year before the first game day. New signings are only possible after the weekend in winter.

In England there is always talk of the “Big Six”. The past season has shown, however, that the Citizens and Reds have rushed from the competition. Accordingly, these two teams are the big favorites for potential betting in the Premier League. The four remaining big players are only given outsider chances and huge odds!

A realization from the past season was the fact that the top duo acted extremely consistently throughout the season. In individual games, teams such as Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester United or Arsenal were able to achieve the performance of City and Liverpool, but this quartet always left unnecessary points behind.

Without consistency, the title cannot be won in the strongest league in the world. The signs before the start of the season again point to a Premier League champion 2019/20, who is called Liverpool or Manchester City.

The following article takes a closer look at the top six, takes a close look at transfer activities and gives an assessment of which Premier League champions bets are recommended at the current odds.

Premier League 2019/20 championship favorites & betting odds

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship

Manchester City

Odds: 41.00

The Citizens did not reach the famous 100-point mark from the 2017/18 season last year, but the confirmation with 98 points is similarly outstanding. 32 of the 38 league games were won. The Guardiola team did not leave any residues in despair either. The neutral observer always had the feeling that the team knew that they would always lag behind.

Pep Guardiola now has a squad that best internalizes its game philosophy. The transfer summer for the Skyblues was correspondingly quiet. With Rodri, the very big player of Atletico Madrid could be signed. The 23-year-old Spaniard is considered one of the best sixes in the world and will significantly strengthen the team as a link between the offensive and the defensive.

Loan-return Angelino is another alternative on the left-back position. On the side of the departures, only the departure of crowd favorite Vincent Kompany (player coach at youth club RSC Anderlecht) hurts.

Manchester City has a well-rehearsed team, the quality is undisputed and accordingly, betting on the third championship in a row is highly recommended on the Premier League champions favorites, even if the betting odds are low.

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship

Liverpool FC

Odds: 1.01

With the title win in the UEFA Champions League final, Jürgen Klopp has finally made himself immortal. The missed championship was no longer cried, because the handle pot was the crowning glory of an outstanding season. Can the Reds confirm the outstanding season last year this season?

Doubts are definitely appropriate! Not because the team acted above the previous year, but because the short summer preparation was by no means ideal. The Champions League final only took place three weeks after the last Premier League game day. In addition, “Kloppo” had to do without top performers for a long time thanks to the Africa Cup of Nations and Copa America. There are also injuries to Xherdan Shaqiri and Naiby Keita in preparation.

New signings that help immediately were not needed. Klopp trusts its Champions League winners and compared to the other top teams, the Reds have made the lowest transfer expenses. With Harvey Elliott and Sepp van den Berg, two great talents have been committed, but are not yet planned for the first eleven.

The results during the US tour were also relatively disappointing (only one win in three games). The Reds are not expected to be in early form, especially at the beginning of the season. That is why we expect even higher betting odds in the course of the season when betting on the Premier League champion Liverpool than the currently offered 4.00 before the start of the season!

Due to the circumstances of the season preparation, the new autumn championship title would be quite surprising. In the Premier League 2019/20 bets on Manchester City as autumn champions seem to be highly recommended!

Premier League 2019/20 champions’ favorite favorites & odds

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship?


Odds: 1251.00

Last season’s Champions League finalist can still make transfers. At a time when many teams were throwing money around, Mauricio Pochettino relied on continuity. The finals of the premier class were achieved without a new signing last season. The Spurs did not have a transfer ban to sit down, but found no reinforcements at an adequate price.

For Tanguy Ndombele, the club from London reached deep into their pockets and transferred 60 million euros to Lyon. Ndombele is a player type similar to City newcomer Rodri. As a link between the offensive and the defensive, it should bring more stability.

Otherwise, the Spurs will be able to fall back on the well-known players this season. The great hope in the Spurs camp is for an injury-free season from superstar Harry Kane, who has been injured repeatedly in recent years.

The Pochettino team showed that they can keep up with the really big teams in individual games and, thanks to their individual quality, can also win. The consistency is the big disadvantage compared to the other top teams. This includes unnecessary slips (especially abroad: eight defeats). Given this, we see no value in betting on a Premier League champion Tottenham and odds of just over 20.00!

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship?

Chelsea FC

Odds: 1001.00

After just twelve months, chain smoker Maurizio Sarri turned his back on Stamford Bridge. At the beginning, he caused great euphoria in the league, but this quickly subsided. By winning the UEFA Europa League, he was able to leave his mark in London. The successor was none other than club icon Frank Lampard. With Derby County, he missed the Premier League promotion by a thin margin.

However, the former world-class player’s commitment is seen by many as a risky decision. For Lampard it is definitely a matter close to the heart. Despite all the loyalty of the fans, he will also have to deliver results. 26 points behind the Premier League champions would definitely be a disappointment. Lampard can no longer count on Eden Hazard (Real Madrid). There was a substitute for the exceptional player in the person of Christian Pulisic, otherwise the club’s hands are tied due to a transfer ban.

These are by no means ideal conditions for Frank Lampard’s first Premier League job. Hopefuls like Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Callum Hudson-Odoi are still out for a long time due to an Achilles tendon tear. Chelsea as Premier League champion? Odds of over 30.00 are offered for these bets – we see no value. Both in the top and in the width, the blues are not sufficiently populated to hold water for Manchester City and Liverpool.

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship?

Arsenal FC

Odds: 1501.00

The Gunners have had a gaping ambition and reality for years. By now every fan should be aware that the lack of success in the last few years of the Wenger era is not due to the French gentleman. The character of the team is definitely to be questioned. The quality is there, but slips are on the daily order of the day.

The displeasure of the fans can be clearly felt. Last year there was a “Mustafi must leave” video with well over a million YouTube views. The development of the German world champion is emblematic. Instead of taking a step forward, many players have taken a step backwards. Arsenal will have to make do with the Europa League again in 2019/20.

The change in the squad must be completed slowly but surely. In 2019/20 only results count and the return to the top four will have to be measured by the Spanish head coach Unai Emery. Arsenal does not see itself as a Premier League favorite, bets on it can be described as money thrown out. With Nicolas Pepe, a strong winger could be hired, but was another strong offensive player necessary?

Arsenal had to concede 51 goals in the previous year, more than cellar child Newcastle (48). There are no reinforcements on the defensive, rather Laurent Koscielny has gone back to his homeland. The offensive is well staffed, but Liverpool and Manchester City have shown that defensive investments are worthwhile.

A philosophy that the Gunners are still unable to gain – and will likely be presented with the bill for the weak defensive again. Missing the premier class again would not come as a surprise, and Arsenal is out of the question for Premier League championships.

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship?

Manchester United

Odds: 1501.00

Speaking of which: investments on the defensive pay off! Somehow the feeling arises that the Red Devils had to strengthen on the defensive in this transfer summer on “Teufel come out”. Is the English international Harry Maguire really worth 90 million euros? Virgil van Dijk also had critical voices at the time, but he stabilized the Reds defensive incredibly, which Maguire will have to be measured against.

Otherwise, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka welcome a very exciting player to the squad. The 55 million euros transfer is also huge, but the youngster has huge potential. Otherwise there were hardly any changes on the transfer market. However, the transfer summer was not quiet, because Paul Pogba is constantly toying with a change. This staffing will probably only be decided a few hours before the start of the championship.

The same applies to Romelu Lukaku, who is reported to find a new home in Italy. Leaving Lukaku without an adequate replacement would be risky, because with Marcus Rashford there is only one trained center forward available.

However, the 21-year-old is not a top scorer a la Harry Kane, Mo Salah, Kun Agüero & Co. Such a door guarantor is extremely important! We feel the offensive is too weak to call Manchester United the Premier League champions favorite or at least to take the high odds for betting into consideration.

Will Manchester City win the 2019/20 Premier League championship?

Betting Prediction – Premier League champions favorites & odds

The Lillywhites from Tottenham play great in big games, but have problems with consistency. Chelsea has a big gap to close after the departure of Hazard and, with Frank Lampard, a crowd favorite on the coaching bench, but so far he has no PL experience.

The defensive of the Arsenal Gunners looks like an extremely holey Swiss cheese and the Red Devils have invested a lot in the defensive, but forgot a bit about the offensive.

The Big Six are still spoken in England, but the four teams listed above each have big question marks or weak points. Although these teams offer extremely lucrative betting odds for the 2019/20 Premier League champions, we see no realistic chance of winning the title.

Nor will there be a fairy tale a la Leicester City again. The top duo acts with incredible consistency. Loss of points is a rarity. It was not for nothing that Pep Guardiola called the Klopp-Elf the big reason for the outstanding city performance last year. The two teams are pushing themselves for outstanding performance.

Manchester City Premier League champions for the third time in a row! The odds offered for this tip are not particularly lucrative at 1.50, but the overall package is right for the Citizens!

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