Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Predictions & Odds ESL Pro League

Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Predictions & Odds ESL Pro League

Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Predictions & Odds ESL Pro League – Esports

The ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe is currently taking place. In addition to fnatic and Complexity, Group B also includes the North, forZe, BIG and NAVI teams.

The first two victories in this group were secured by North and forZe.

After defeats by NAVI, Fnatic and Complexity, the group is surprisingly led by North and BIG.

Complexity narrowly missed victory in the first Bo3 against forZe. After a weak performance on Dust2, they were able to convince on Train and fight their way into the third Map Mirage. After a disappointing half of the T, the overtime was still achieved after an interim result of 8:13, but was narrowly lost.

The betting base for the match Fnatic vs Complexity provides a prediction taking into account the betting odds.

Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Predictions & Odds ESL Pro League

Fnatic – Statistics & current form

Last year’s ESL Pro League Season 10 ended in second place for fnatic. The last big tournament in Katowice brought in third place and gave the audience a good performance fnatic, which could only be stopped by G2 in the semifinals. The last games against Dignitas and Smash were won, but on the night of Wednesday you had to give up against BIG in the first group game.

Bitter bankruptcy for fnatic the day before

The experienced line-up of fnatic was made to despair by a superior performance. After a weak game on Inferno, in which above all the strong defense of the German team seemed insurmountable, Overpass showed the class. The decision maker Mirage was on the home stretch after the pistol round before Fnatic lost a 12: 6 lead and won no round until the end of the game.

In summary, it can be said that the T side on Inferno and Mirage were absolutely not convincing. The otherwise strong and aggressive playing Fnatic simply did not really come into play. Nevertheless, the team showed stable performance and good CT halves, so that in the duel Fnatic vs Complexity bets on the more experienced squad appear lucrative.

Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Predictions & Odds ESL Pro League

Complexity – Statistics & current form

The current number 17 in the world rankings has been able to make up 50 places with commitments from poizen and k0nfig since the end of 2019 and is also in a strong condition. With an average age of just 21.6 years, Complexity is a young team, which Rush even has a major winner in its own ranks. BlameF in particular was able to convince the last games more than just. It should not be forgotten that poizen had several connection problems with forZe in bo3 and because of its complexity had to outnumber a few laps.

Complexity in good shape

All in all, Complexity was able to convince with clear victories against GODSENT, Sproud and MIBR in the past weeks. In February they secured a third place at the Dreamhack Open Anaheim and then had enough time to prepare enough for the Pro League. In the duel between Fnatic and Complexity, the betting odds are still understandable, since Fnatic has been at the top of the world for years.

Fnatic vs Complexity Direct Comparison

There is no direct comparison with these lineups. It remains to be seen who can secure the first victory.

Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Odds Comparison

🕹 Betting Prediction: Fnatic
👾 Odds: 1.44
🕹 Betting Prediction: Complexity
👾 Odds: 2.62

Fnatic vs. Complexity Maps

Fnatic acts Nuke as the current first spell and likes to peck inferno. With a win rate of 100% on three played matches, they also feel very comfortable on Dust2. Their white vest on Mirage spotted BIG on Wednesday night. Vertigo, Nuke and Train are both rarely played maps at fnatic.

Complexity has a very wide pool and, with the exception of Vertigo, plays very actively on every map. A popular first pick is Dust2, but they also have very good victory rates on Mirage and Train. Only on Inferno does Complexity seem somewhat unsafe with seven losses from the last eleven games.

Security picks like Dust2 or Mirage would be conceivable. It remains to be seen whether one of the two teams will venture onto a map that has so far been little used.

Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Predictions & Odds ESL Pro League

Fnatic vs Complexity Betting Predictions and Odds

All in all, a match on an equal footing is to be expected, in which we can slightly benefit Fnatic due to the experience and the good performances of the recent past. Because of their less successful entry into the season, both teams are under pressure. It remains to be seen who can handle this better.


Fnatic vs Complexity Best odds – ESL Pro League Season

🕹 Betting Prediction: Fnatic
👾 Odds: 1.47
🕹 Betting Prediction: Complexity
👾 Odds: 2.62

Fnatic vs Complexity tips

Fnatic is the much more experienced team
Complexity with a strong upswing thanks to the new line-up
Both teams lost the first group game

The value at Fnatic vs. Complexity lies in the betting odds for a tip on the outsider, since Fnatic should not have a clear advantage.



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