Wolverhampton vs. Reading Championship 13/03/2018

Wolverhampton vs. Reading Championship

Wolverhampton vs. Reading Championship Prediction

Wolverhampton vs. Reading Championship

The Leaders after a 4-1 away defeat, receive a Reading that is too close to the water line to relax

Wolverhampton: The team of Nuno Espírito Santo, lost in a decisive way in the last game away from home, and in this game, will want to respond against a Reading that scores more away from home.

Wolverhampton have been somewhat unstable in recent games but we have to see that the last 4 games only 1 was at home, which equalized, and so the instability is understood, also because he played at home 2 teams playing to climb from division.

With 35 goals scored at home, with goals scored above 2, he will have an opportunity to score in front of his fans, so hopefully the home team will play for Attack.

With a solid defense in the numbers but having conceded 11 goals in the last eight games but played at the home of Aston Villa and Fulham, there were 6 goals.
So with the numbers at home showing better performance at home, I expect a team to respond to defeat.

Reading: With a win in the last eight games, Reading has gone through a poor phase, is in 19th place at the table and therefore too close to the water line, so you will not want to lose a game, any point from now on is ideal.

With an out-of-home performance in terms of points better than what he does at home, he has 5 Wins 5 draws and 7 Defeats away from home.

With 21 goals away from home, he scored 71% of his away games, averaging 1.24 goals per game. With 22 Suffered away from home, this team has better numbers out of doors.

With his goals tending to come in the 2nd half, only 4 goals scored in the 1st half and 17 goals in the second, this team shows a tendency to run after the result in the second half.

Prediction Wolverhampton vs Reading:

With a team that scores 80% of the goals in the second half and concedes 45% of goals in the first half, they will play against a home team, having conceded only 4 goals in the first half with 17 goals.

By waiting for a response from the leaders to the loss with Aston Villa, I hope they reach the interval to win.

Prediction Today: Wolverhampton HT
Odds: 1.83


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