Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Taiwan Beer Betting Predictions and Odds

Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos Betting Predictions and Odds

Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Taiwan Beer Betting Predictions and Odds

Will the Taiwanese basketball championship be decided in the 6th game?

In the final series, Yulon Luxgen Dinos and Taiwan Beer face off, whereas in the series 3: 2 they stand for the Dinos. The outsider of the endgame was surprisingly able to present again recently. In the 6th match, the decision in favor of Yulon Luxgen could already be made. Taiwann Beer is the current runner-up and therefore does not want to be beaten again in the final series. Can the favorite fight back or are we already experiencing the decision to win the Taiwanese basketball champions in this encounter? This game begins on Thursday, April 30th, 2020.

Are the dinosaurs crowned champions for the 7th time?

Yulon Luxgen Dinos is already a six-time champion and has won more titles than any other Taiwanese basketball team. In the 6th game of the final series, the title is within reach for the host. It would be the 1st title after 2018, after having had to be content with 4th place last year. With a clear 99:81, the dinosaurs prevailed against Taiwan Beer in the fifth final game and made it 3-2 in the series. The favorite was one point ahead in the 1st quarter, but Underdog Dino came in with 7 points until halftime. This advantage could be extended to 20 points by the end of the third quarter, only in the final section was it allowed to drag a little. Nevertheless, from the point of view of the Bookies, Yulon Luxgen remains the outsider of this final series and in the 6th match. An outsider bet can therefore be very worthwhile in our prediction. The dinosaurs have now won 5 of the last 9 direct encounters. Of the youngest 4 home duels, only one went to the host of this encounter.

Yulon Luxgen Dinos won 3 of their last 4 home games. In the final series you won the first home match and had to give up in the 2nd for the first time after 3 home wins. The dinosaurs won 6 of the last 8 matches, making our prediction a good challenger for Beer in the 6th final. In the second phase of the basic round, Yulon Luxgen was the 3rd best team in the league and also the 3rd best home team. Out of 16 home games, 7 could be won, 9x had to give up in their own hall. The record champions apparently only found their old strength in the playoff, because at the end of the regular season 4 of the last 5 games were given up. The dinosaurs make an average of 88.9 points at 89.9 points for the opponent per home game. Because of the negative point ratio in their own hall, the dinosaurs are in the 6th final game despite the leadership in the role of the outsider.

Can Taiwan Beer equalize in the final series?

Taiwan Beer has now lost 3 of the last 5 games before celebrating 5 wins in a row at the end of the basic round. The club became the winner of the basic round and qualified directly for the final. Now Beer has fallen behind after the 5th final game. The runner-up threatens to lose the series of finals again. The club, which is sponsored by a Taiwanese brewery, became 1x in the club’s history of Taiwanese basketball champions, 2011. Apparently the players are too nervous when it gets serious. Because you had to give up 5x in the final for the championship, including 2006 the dinosaurs. Beer is still our favorite in the 6th game of the final, as in the previous games. Bookmakers praise the strong performance of Taiwan Beer in the basic round.

Taiwan Beer won both main rounds – in the second half of the season the team even won 14 out of 16 games, so they only had to give up twice. Away you could win 6 of the 7 basic through games. And so the club holds with an away record of 4 wins from the recent 5 guest appearances. In the final series, Beer won the second away game after the opening defeat at the beginning. Taiwan Beer also won 3 of the last 4 guest appearances at Yulon Luxgen. For each away game, the team averages 84.2 points at 79.9 points for the opponent. Because of this positive relationship and the strong away series, Taiwan Beer is the favorite of the 6th final game according to the betting providers.

Key facts about Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Taiwan Beer

Yulon Luxgen Dinos

  • 6 wins from 8 games
  • 3 wins from 4 home games
  • 88.9 points per home game
  • 5 wins from 9 duels

Taiwan Beer

  • Ground passage winner
  • 3 bankruptcies from 5 games
  • 84.2 points per away game
  • 3 wins from 4 away duels

Yulon Luxgen Dinos vs Taiwan Beer Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Tipsters

We take advantage of the high betting odds for the outsider and predict a surprise from the Yulon Luxgen Dinos. The final series would then have been decided – the underdog would have used the first match ball. We predict that under 175.5 points will be seen.

Betting Tips: Yulon Luxgen Dinos
Odds: 2.45
Betting Tips: Taiwan Beer
Odds: 1.56


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