Kazakhstan vs Russia Football Predictions 24/03/2019

Kazakhstan vs Russia Football Predictions

In Group I qualifying for the 2020 European Championship, Belgium is considered the hottest contender for the first place. Behind them, before the qualifiers began, most experts suspected a battle for second place between Russia and Scotland, but both nations lost on Matchday 1. While the defeat of the Russians in Belgium was almost to be expected, the Scots were surprisingly lost in Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs underlined, however, that they want to have at least a word for second place and thus a direct qualification for the European Championship in 2020.

Football Betting Prediction Kazakhstan vs Russia

Now Russia is coming to the Astana Arena and should Kazakhstan also win this home game, then the country would not only open the door to the first European Championship after the second match day, but also the door to participate in the first major tournament ever. The bookmakers see the differently, but in my opinion, in the game between Kazakhstan and Russia, the prediction in the odds is not necessarily a tip on away win.

Kazakhstan – Statistics & Current Form

The qualification for the EM 2020 has its first surprise! In the first match of the first match day Kazakhstan made a big splash. The Kazakhs beat 3-0 in the domestic Astana Arena Scotland. After just ten minutes Kazakhstan led 2-0, before the home side with the third goal shortly after the break, the game finally decided. Kazakhstan was simply more focused in the final. While only two of the Bravehearts’ nine shots hit the opponent’s goal, Kazakhstan’s was seven out of ten.

For Kazakhstan the victory against Scotland was the second victory of the year. The Kazakhs beat Moldova 1-0 in mid-February. The year 2019 has started optimally for Kazakhstan, after having been less successful the year before. In Group 1 of the League D, so the lowest league of the Nations League, Kazakhstan finished in the end with only one win, but also three draws and two defeats second place. Both bankruptcies conceded Kazakhstan against group winner Georgia. In the qualifiers for the European Championship 2020, Kazakhstan has already achieved more than the overall qualification for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Because there was not a single victory in all ten group matches against, inter alia, Armenia or Romania. In the end Kazakhstan only drew three points thanks to three draws. Kazakhstan can now show that score after just one matchday, and with the other opponents, Cyprus and San Marino, the Kazakhs start dreaming after their opening victory. Another threesome on Sunday would make this dream even bigger. In the game between Kazakhstan and Russia, a tip on the double chance of the home side could be lucrative.

Expected formation of Kazakhstan:

Nepogodov; Suyumbayev, Yerlanov, Postnikov, Maliy, Vorogovskiy; Merkel, Quat, Pertsukh; Murtazayev, Zainutdinov

Last matches of Kazakhstan:

‎⚽ 21.03.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Scotland 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
‎⚽ 21.02.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Moldova 1: 0 (friendly)
‎⚽ 19.11.2018 – Georgia vs. Kazakhstan 2: 1 (Nations League)
‎⚽ 15.11.2018 – Kazakhstan vs. Latvia 1: 1 (Nations League)
‎⚽ 10/16/2018 – Kazakhstan vs. Andorra 4: 0 (Nations League)

Russia – Statistics & Current Form

The great euphoria during and after the World Cup in their own country, as Russia failed only in the quarterfinals penalties on the eventual finalist Croatia, wanted to take the Sbornaja for upcoming tasks. That is partly successful. In the Nations League Russia remained unbeaten in a group with Turkey and Sweden on the first three matchdays and secured itself with two wins against the Turks and a draw at home against the Scandinavians in advance the whereabouts in the league B. For the rise in League A, the highest league in the competition, should not be enough in the end as Russia lost 2-0 in their last game in Sweden. Before this game, there had also been a failure in a test against Germany, which was even higher with 0: 3.

With two defeats in a row, the Sbornaja has completed the year 2018 and in the new year it went on for the time being. For in the first match in 2019 Russia was defeated on Thursday in the first matchday of qualifying for the European Championship in Belgium in 1-3: 1. Although Russia was able to compensate for the early deficit by turns, in the end the defeat went well in view of the odds of 15: 4 and 5: 2 shots on goal in favor of the Belgians. In addition, the Russians lost Aleksandr Golovin of AS Monaco by a dismissal in the final minute. The defeat in Belgium has certainly been planned for in Russia, although of course one hoped for a point. Another in Kazakhstan can not and will not allow the Sbornaja. The bookmakers also see the guests in front. In the Russia game in Kazakhstan, the odds of betting on away winners are much lower than those of home betting.

Expected formation of Russia:

Guilherme; Fernandes, Nababkin, Dzhikiya, Kudryashov, Zhirkov; Akhmetov, Miranchuk, Kuzyayev, Cheryshev; Dzyuba

Last matches of Russia:

‎⚽ 21.03.2019 – Belgium vs. Russia 3: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
‎⚽ 20.11.2018 – Sweden vs Russia 2: 0 (Nations League)
‎⚽ 15.11.2018 – Germany vs Russia 3: 0 (friendly)
‎⚽ 14.10.2018 – Russia vs Turkey 2: 0 (Nations League)
‎⚽ 11.10.2018 – Russia vs Sweden 0: 0 (Nations League)

Kazakhstan vs Russia Direct Comparison

There were only two duels between Russia and Kazakhstan, although it should be noted that until 1992 Kazakhstan still belonged to the Soviet Union. So far Kazakhstan could not score against the Russians. The friendly game in May 2008 won Russia 6-0 in March 2015, the two nations separated in the last test match scoreless.

Kazakhstan vs Russia Our Betting Prediction

Kazakhstan has called itself by the clear victory against Scotland itself on the plan. The Kazakhs are an unpleasant opponent, which has been seen again and again on club level in recent years. Especially at home, Kazakhstan is much stronger, although against Russia it is not necessarily the big advantage to play at home, for example against Scotland. And yet Kazakhstan goes into this match with a lot of self-confidence.

Key facts – Kazakhstan vs Russia tips

Kazakhstan defeated Scotland confidently 3-0 on Thursday
Russia lost 1-3 in Belgium on Thursday
Kazakhstan have won their last two internationals, while Russia has lost the last three

If Kazakhstan win on Sunday, then they would have defeated the two direct competitors in the fight for second place already on the first two matchdays. That could certainly release forces for future tasks. With the other opponents San Marino and Cyprus the dream of the first participation in a big tournament could perhaps take concrete forms. All this must be incentive enough for Kazakhstan. I think a draw in this game is not excluded. However, on the other hand, Russia is under pressure for more or less the same reasons. What is striking about the Kazakhs: They have always met in their last seven internationals and also in twelve of the last 13. All in all, in the game between Kazakhstan and Russia is probably the tip that both teams to score, to odds of up to 2, 10 the best alternative.

Prediction Today: Both teams to score/ Yes
Odds: 2.10

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