New Delhi – Former skipper Michael Clarke

New Delhi – Former Captain Michael Clarke said on Tuesday that Australians are likely to host India in the next series one day thanks to their spells with the Indian Premier League.

The party led by Steve Smith, who missed a 2-1 test series for India last year, will play five ODIs with the first in Chennai on Sunday.

Smith won the Pune title in the latest edition of the money-rich IPL, probably the most popular Twenty20 tournament in the world.

Players like David Warner, Aaron Finch, Glenn Maxwell and Pat Cummins have been successful in IPL and Clarke said the team should not have excuses in the shortest possible format.

“It’s not just the goal you’re hitting or playing, it’s the heat you eat at the hotel where you live,” Clarke told reporters.

“(S) these players are now involved in IPL, India is second home because you have spent so much time here.

“Yes, it’s a shame that we do not have Mitchell Starc or Josh Hazlewood, due to injury, they will be lost.

“But this Australian team has no justification, he knew the conditions very well … and that’s a huge series for us,” he said, anticipating a 3-2 victory for the visitors.

Clarke saw “the carrot directly” for the Australians who pull out of the top of the ODI table from South Africa if they defeat India 4-1.

Commentary The cricket player also praised hopeless captain Virat Kohli, who helped dominate India with his aggressive attitude.

India won last year’s No. 1 test point in Kohli, but recently opened the hosts of Sri Lanka 9-0 in all three formats.

“I think this team will certainly achieve this aggression on them … they are led by an aggressive captain. I think Virat is not afraid to lose, and that’s a big advantage, “Clarke said.

Indian grandfather VVS Laxman, who was also present at the event, said he did not expect any controversy in the ODI series.

In a series of tests, Kohli expressed his displeasure at Smith looking at his cloakroom as it was decided to review his resignation in the Bangalore dispute and the word war broke out between the two captains.

“They are not just two modern masters, but two great today. In a short time, the impact that these two players have been in international cricket is simply amazing, “said Laxman, who made 281 counterparts against Australia in the 2001 Epic Kolkata Test.

“And I think when playing international cricket it is not necessary to be pleasant on the pitch … I’m sure both will come out and be aggressive and win the games for their team … Both are in line with the trend,” he said .

Laxman chose India to win a score of 4-1.

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