Chennai – Marcus Stoinis

Chennai – Marcus Stoinis has been transferred to the Australian Liberation Army from the KSI to the president, claiming that India, in 103 corridors, in its fourth quarter of the 50-member party, is terra-feigned. Havia kuatro meia-seculos for visitors, including the pain of 60 sick people 76 of Stoinis, allow […]

International Cricket Council

Lahore – O Paquistão na sexta-feira fez um tremendo movimento para revivir o cricket internacional em casa com uma vitória de 20 prêmios sobre o World XI em uma partida de multidões entusiasmadas em segurança apertada. Twenty20, que ganhou o status internacional do International Cricket Council, é apenas a segunda […]

India v Pakistan

India and Pakistan are two of the most powerful nations in cricket, but also two historical rivals, both athletic and political. There were 53,000 people in the Sydney stadium on which the two rivals played, but more than 1 billion viewers were gathered in front of the televisions, the BBC […]