NiP vs ENCE Betting Predictions and odds

NiP vs ENCE Betting Predictions and odds

NiP vs ENCE Betting Predictions and odds ESL Pro League Europa – Esports. The duel of the northerners

With NiP, the dominator of the first game days plays against the last of group A.

ENCE has not yet secured a win on the first four match days and has not returned to their old strength since Aleksib’s departure.

NiP vs ENCE Betting Predictions and odds

It is therefore questionable whether one can provide a surprise in the direct duel on Tuesday.

The Swedes are currently in twelfth place in the world rankings, while ENCE can only be found in 22nd place. With NiP vs ENCE are the odds on a victory of the favorites with the 1.44 quite low.

Current table situation group A

We are in Group A of the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe. In addition to NiP, Spirit, Astralis and Vitality were particularly convincing on the first three game days. At the bottom of the table are ENCE and Godsent. On the fourth matchday, the direct duel between the last two took place. On the first map train, ENCE secured her pick with 16:13. The duel continued on Nuke, on which Godsent prevailed at 19:16 in overtime. The decision fell on Dust2, on which Godsent dominated. ENCE is therefore still victorious and pointless in the last place in the table.

NiP was surprisingly clearly defeated by Vitality. Astralis also had a clear 2-0 win over Spirit. With nine points each, NiP, Astralis and Vitality are in the first three places in the table. These three teams play for first place in the remote duel. The ninjas must prevail against ENCE in order to remain at the top of the group.

NiP vs ENCE Betting Predictions and odds

NiP – Statistics & current form

The mix of young, hungry and experienced players has now paid off for NiP. After very inconsistent months, they have shown the result of their hard work in the past few weeks. The duels against Godsent, Spirit and Astralis in the ESL PRO League were won 2-0 each. They have surprised the world of CS: GO in recent weeks with a security that has not been seen for a long time. In the duel against Godsent they showed an incredible performance after a narrow victory on Nuke on the Overpass T side and went with 12: 3 in the half. Nawwk in particular was able to demonstrate its class in this Bo3 with a difference of +17 and an ADR of 97.5.

The strong team performance of the past weeks is also reflected in the NiP team ratings. No player is currently in an area smaller than 1. On matchday four, however, the Swedes lost to Vitality. Odds of up to 1.44 are available for the favorite win in the duel NiP against ENCE.

NiP vs ENCE Betting Predictions and odds

ENCE – Statistics & current form

The last appearances of ENCE are evidence of the currently bad shape. After losing in the last five Bo3, the nerves are blank. After a clear end in one of the last tournaments, the whole team shaved their hair. Even without hair, however, ENCE was unable to return to its old strength. In the duel of the last on matchday 4 they made it to the third map, but had to defeat 3:12 on the CT half of Dust2. Another setback for the already weakening team, which culminated in a 4:16.

Even on match days two and three against Astralis and Vitality, they each made it into a decision map, but had to admit defeat at 10:16 and 14:16.

All in all, ENCE is not able to exploit its own potential in the important moments. One of the top teams of last year is in a major crisis, which has certainly burned itself into the minds of the players. However, the Finns should not be underestimated. Despite the poor results, ENCE showed that you can still keep up against the best teams in the world. This is reflected in the duel NiP against ENCE in the relatively low betting odds. An outsider win can be predicted with a odds of 2.75.

NiP vs ENCE – Direct Comparison

In 2019 there was only one duel between the two teams, which ENCE won 16: 8 in the BLAST Pro Series on Dust2.

The teams are currently in a completely opposite form compared to six months ago and the past duel is therefore only a mixed indicator of the clash on Tuesday.

Which maps are likely?

The ninjas from Sweden act Dust2 as their first ban and love to play Vertigo. The victory rate of 100% on Inferno is convincing. Besides Vertigo, Mirage and Overpass are the two most played maps.

ENCE is the first to ban Vertigo and is particularly weak on Overpass with zero wins from the last five games. The best maps are Train and Inferno.

It looks like NiP won’t be able to perform on the Home Pick Vertigo. A pick from Overpass on the part of the ninjas and Train at ENCE would be conceivable. Inferno is easy to imagine as a decision map.

NiP against ENCE betting prediction & odds

In the duel NiP against ENCE, the first group plays against the last of group A. However, it is not as clear as the encounter on the sheet. The last games of ENCE have repeatedly shown that they can continue to perform well and perform well.

NiP vs ENCE Betting Odds Comparison

🕹 Betting Prediction: NiP
👾 Odds: 1.40
🕹 Betting Prediction: ENCE
👾 Odds: 2.75

NiP vs ENCE tips

👾 Both teams go into the duel with a defeat.
👾 NiP so far very solid.
👾 ENCE just barely lost.

Due to the sometimes strong ideas of both teams, we go over 2.5 in the total number of maps.

NiP vs ENCE Best odds – ESL Pro League Season

🕹 Betting Tips: NiP
👾 Odds: 1.44
🕹 Betting Tips: ENCE
👾 Odds: 2.75


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