NiP vs Godsent Betting Prediction & Odds ESL Pro League

NiP vs Godsent Betting Prediction & Odds ESL Pro League

NiP vs Godsent Betting Prediction & Odds ESL Pro League – Esports – Swedish fire power against Godsent’s mixed lineup

Welcome to Group A of ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe. In this group Godsent and NIP meet the teams Astralis, Vitality, ENCE and Spirit.

The ninjas in pajamas have won over Astralis, BIG, Apeks and Cloud9 in recent weeks. Only a 0: 2 against the later winner Natus Vincere in Katowice clouded the otherwise flawless last appearances.

On the Godsent side there are defeats against Vitality, Complexity and Navi. She won against the Copenhagen Flames and OG team.

NiP vs Godsent Betting Prediction & Odds ESL Pro League

Group A ESL Pro League – Current Table Situation

After the first two match days of the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe, NiP continues to hold the top of the table. Against Team Spirit they convinced with a solid performance. Astralis took Godsent’s first win. The games on VErtigo and Inferno, which ended 16: 5 and 16: 7, were a demonstration of power against a weak Godsent.

As expected, Vitality won against ENCE and was also convincing on matchday two. Thus, NiP and Vitality, each with six points, are in the first two ranks.

NiP – Statistics & current form

With a clear 2-0 win over Astralis, NiP realized the big surprise of the first game day. On Vertigo and Overpass, the Swedes showed a class better than their Danish competitors. Two clear single-digit results gave the ninjas a dream start.

On the second day they played against Team Spirit, which surprised some people against ENCE. The Russian organization is currently ranked 24th in the world and is a rather unknown lineup. On Mirage, NiP prevailed after 16:14 after a strong Ct half. Plopski in particular, but also Lekr0, convinced with individual plays.

As usual, they played very well on their home pick Vertigo. In the end, they secured a 16: 5 with a Ct half without losing a round. Thus NiP starts unbeaten in the duel against Godsent.

The current lineup with new entry Time “nawwk” Jonasson has only existed since the end of January 2020 and is constantly improving. In particular, 17-year-old Nicolas “Plopski” Zamora shows with every match that he deserves the place in one of the largest organizations in the world. Also in the game against Astralis he was able to convince with a 1.8 K / D and an ADR of 92.1.

All in all, the appearance of NiP has so far been convincing and you get a desire for more while watching, so that the betting odds for betting on the favorites appear lucrative in NiP vs Godsent.

Godsent – Statistics & current form

In their first game of the group, Godsent was beaten 0-2 by Vitality. The second matchday against Astralis ended as defeated. The very clear course of the game came as a bit of a surprise. With a total of 12 rounds from two maps, they did not come into play against a strong Astralis.

The team around the German IGL kRYSTAL, according to their own statements, went into the game well prepared and had big goals. In the end, only a strong playing maggot on Godsent’s side could call up his performance potential.

To sum up, after a good appearance against Vitality, Godsent could not convince in the second group game against Astralis. Thus, they are already under pressure against NiP, which is the case with NiP vs. Godsent explains the high odds for the prediction on the guest.

NiP vs Godsent Betting Prediction & Odds ESL Pro League

NiP vs Godsent – Direct Comparison

There are no direct duels between the two teams yet.

NiP vs Godsent Betting Odds Comparison

🕹 Betting Prediction: NiP
👾 Odds: 1.57
🕹 Betting Prediction: Godsent
👾 Odds: 2.25

NiP vs Godsent Maps

NiP is currently Dust2’s first spell and pecks Vertigo whenever possible. The second spell alternates between Nuke and Train. The map pool is complemented by Inferno Overpass and Mirage.

The Godsent map pool is wide-ranging. Only on Mirage do they seem to feel uncomfortable. The first spell Mirage is often followed by overpass.

Both NiP and Godsent, this forecast can be dared, feel very comfortable on Vertigo. A duel on this map is very realistic. It is quite possible that Godsent NiP would like to test on one of the less used maps, such as Nuke or Train. With such a pick, they would of course take some risk. Inferno is conceivable as a decision map.

NiP vs Godsent betting prediction & odds

The world ranking twelfth, NiP, seems to have regained its former strength after several lineup changes in recent years. The games against Astralis and Spirit were convincing.

NiP vs. Godsent Best Odds 20.03.2020 – ESL Pro League

🕹 Betting Prediction: NiP
👾 Odds: 1.57
🕹 Betting Prediction: Godsent
👾 Odds: 2.40

NiP vs. Godsent tips

NiP started the Pro Series with a lap difference of 64/31.
So far, Godsent has not been able to convince.
“Do or Die” game for Godsent.


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