Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos Betting Predictions and Odds

Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos Betting Predictions and Odds

Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos Betting Predictions and Odds

Taiwan Beer is favored in the Taiwan SBL final game number 5 against Yulon Luxgen Dinos

Taiwan Beer faces the Yulon Luxgen Dinos in the 5th final game of the Taiwan SBL’s Best-of-7 series. The game will kick off on April 28, 2020. The series is currently balanced 2: 2.

Can Taiwan Beer set the Taiwan SBL final series to 3-2?

Taiwan Beer has lost the first two final games against the dinosaurs. With 83:88 and with 89:83. They won the last two games with 94:74 and 82:90. Let’s look at the full season of Taiwan Beer. They had been very convincing in the regular season. You won 11 out of 16 games in stage 1 and lost only 5. In the second stage, 14 victories were possible and only 2 losses had to be accepted. So they were already qualified for the final and didn’t have to go to the semi-finals. In the home table, they were only convincing in step 2, because in the 1st section they made the third best (5 possible places) home team. They won 6 out of 9 games and lost 3. In the second stage they had been the strongest home team. 8 victories were celebrated and only 1 loss was accepted. In the 32 games in total, they scored 85 points in each game and only allowed 77. The hit rates of Taiwan Beer are 52% for the 2nd points and 33.1% for the 3 points. Out of the field they hit 69.3%. 11.7 offensive and 26.6 defensive rebounds were also possible. The dinosaurs are a bit stronger overall.

Can the Yulon Luxgen Dinos set the final series in the SBL Taiwan to 2: 3?

The dinosaurs finished the 1st stage on the 2nd place in the table with 9 wins and 7 losses. After 16 games in the 2nd stage, they were 3rd. They won 7 games and accepted 9 losses. On average, they scored 89 points and accepted 94. Away they were the third best team in step 1. However, they could only win 4 games, whereas they lost 6. In the 2nd section they were also the third strongest. 4 wins and 4 losses were possible. In return for the Taiwan Beers, they had to play a semi-final against Pauian. With 103: 90, 89:91 and 100: 85 they were able to win the games. In the final round they won the first two games against Beer and had to admit defeat in the last two. However, they are stronger in goal rates. They score 52.1% of their 2 points and 35.4% of their 3 points. 70.3% of the litters arrive from the field. They are convincing compared to Taiwan Beer. However, 9.9 offensive and 30.2 defensive rebounds are less than was possible with Taiwan Beer. That could make this game exciting again or tip the scales.

Key points for the match Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos

Taiwan Beer

Won 8 out of 12 games against the dinosaurs
Played a much stronger season so far
Are very strong at home

Yulon Luxgen Dinos

Won 4 out of 12 games against Taiwan Beer
Are on average strong abroad
Could only win 1 out of 2 away games in the final series

Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos Direct comparison

Between December 15, 2019 and April 26, 2020, there were 12 games between these two clubs. Of these, the Taiwan Beers won 8 and the dinosaurs only 4, with 2 wins leading the dinosaurs in the final series. Both are roughly equal in terms of the points scored. However, the dinosaurs have a better hit rate, as you will read later. The dinosaurs are stronger, especially out of the field. So far, Taiwan Beer has provided more rebounds. Both have won the same number of games in the past 5 game days. As a result, we can actually expect a balanced 5th game. The wins in the final series were, except for 1, actually always clear. However, we only make a forecast after the shape analysis of the Yulon Luxgen Dinos.

Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Experts

We assume that the home advantage could be decisive and therefore recommend a tip 1. However, the odds are only barely usable. We can rather recommend an over / under bet, namely over 169.5 points. Placements on over 86.5 points of the Taiwan Beers and on over 82.5 points of the Yulon Luxgen Dinos would also be available. We would also place a tip 1 -4.5 as a handicap bet, so that Taiwan Beer will go into the game with -4.5 points.

Betting Prediction: Taiwan Beer
Odds: 1.47
Betting Prediction: Yulon Luxgen Dinos
Odds: 2.45

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