CS: GO: Alma vs Keyd Stars Betting Predictions and Odds

CS: GO: Alma vs Keyd Stars Betting Predictions and Odds

CS: GO: Alma vs Keyd Stars Betting Predictions and Odds

In ClUTCH Season 2, Alma matches Keyd Stars for semi-final participation

Alma and Keyd Stars match each other on the penultimate group game day of CLUTCH Season 2 in CS: GO to move into the playoffs. Alma currently occupies 7th and second last place with only 3 points. Actually, Alma’s progress is only theoretically possible. Keyd Stars, however, is in 3rd place with 7 points. They are not allowed to rest, even if they are currently in the semifinals. Because with 6 points it could already happen that they are no longer in the playoffs. Because the 4th and 5th place is tied with 6 points, only the number of rounds and the direct duel would then decide to participate in the semi-finals. A favorite cannot be found in the direct games between Alma and Keyd Stars, both Brazilians, because both have decided the direct games equally often.

Can Alma win the 2nd game in a row against Keyd Stars?

Alma hadn’t been very convincing in the past 3 months because only 20% of her games won. They did not win any of the last 5 games. 3 draws and 2 losses were won. These were the CLUTCH Season 2 games. They lost 0: 2 against Isurus, 1: 1 against DETONA and lost 0: 2 against W7M. Against Bravos and Soberano, they were last 1: 1. With -29 laps they are now on the penultimate place in the table with only 3 points. In Alma’s shape analysis, we just looked at the numbers from the current lineup. They played 28 maps to date, each of which went on average over 25.72 laps. They won 14 maps and lost as many. So far there were 7 different cards. Vertigo and Nuke still won. Inferno, Mirage and Dust2 decided 50% and Overpass 60%. Train won 75%. Up to now they have played inferno most often before Overpass. The current lineup has a kill-to-death ratio of 0.97. In this they are inferior to Keyd Stars by one Deut, but they have the more experienced squad and could also win more maps. The 2.0 rating based on 10 maps in CLUTCH Season 2 is 0.97 at Alma, so they have to give up on Keyd.

Can Keyd Stars fix the semi-finals in CLUTCH Season 2?

So far Keyd have only been a bit stronger, because in the last 3 months they have won only 22.2% of their games. However, they were able to decide 1 of their past 5 games and only suffered 1 loss. 3 draws were possible. These were CLUTCH Season 2 games. A 1: 1 was possible against RED Canids, Bravos and Isurus as well as DETONA. They won 2-0 against Soberano. Against W2M they had to suffer a 0-2 defeat in Flashpoint 1. At Keyd we only looked at the numbers from the current lineup. Until now, he only played 15 maps with each other. Of these, they won only 6 and lost 9. Each map went on average over 26.78 laps. Keyd has only used 6 different maps. They have never won Inferno and Mirage and Nuke only 33.3%. They decided overpass and train 50% and vertigo 60%. Vertigo also played them most frequently before Nuke. Keyd Stars’ kill-to-death ratio is 0.99. Your 2.0 rating based on 10 maps in CLUTCH Season 2 is 1.05. This is the fourth best in the league. They currently occupy 3rd place in the CLUTCH Season 2 with 7 points and 18 RD.

Key points for Alma vs Keyd Stars

🕹 Alma

Must win in any case if they want to hope to participate in the semi-finals
Won the last two maps against Keyd Stars
World ranking place 192

🕹 Keyd Stars

Would currently be in the semi-finals
With a win, they would consolidate their playoff participation somewhat
World ranking place 159
Have the better rating

Alma vs Keyd Stars Direct comparison and odds

Between November 27, 2019 and December 23, 2019 there were 3 games that these two Esports teams played against each other. 3 Maps won Alma and 3 Keyd, whereby Keyd Stars never played as a team against Alma, but only Keyd players who were previously under contract with Falkol. Alma has de facto won only 1 game 2-0 and Falkol one 0-1 and one 1-2. 4 of 6 maps went over 26 laps. Mirage, Dust2 and Nuke as well as Train and Inferno were recorded. Nuke and Train have yet to win Alma against Keyd Stars or Falkol. If you compare the odds of the maps of the past 3 months, Alma has a bit of head water, because they have chosen Dust2, Inferno, Train and Overpass more often. Keyd could only win Nuke and Vertigo several times. If you compare the strongest players from both teams, then both are equal, because r4ul from Alma is stronger in the 2.0 rating, Deaths per Round and KAST and piriaz1n from Keyd is superior in the Kills per Round, Impact and Average Damage per Round. This actually indicates a balanced game.

Betting Prediction: Alma
Odds: 4.54
Betting Prediction: Keyd Stars
Odds: 1.16

Betting Predictions and Odds by PicksSoccer Experts

Actually, everything speaks for a victory for Keyd Stars, of course, and the odds of the bookmakers are absolutely designed for a victory for Keyd. We would normally only recommend this win bet for a bank tip. However, we think that an outsider bet could be an option. We therefore recommend that the brave among you give a tip 1. As an over / under bet, placing on under 26.5 rounds 1 map is recommended. We can also advise on a tip 2 on 1 map winner, because we do not rule out a draw entirely. As a result, there is also a double chance 1 / X bet.

Betting Prediction: Double chance 1/X
Odds: 4.57


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